Is the $149.99 Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Better Than the PS5 Controller?

The feud continues between Microsoft and Playstation with the new Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 just around the corner. The new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is considered to be Microsoft's new top-of-the-line gamepad that is built on quality, features, and around a price tag that also completely overpowered the standard Xbox One controller.

This upcoming heavy-duty and customizable gamepad is said to cost $149.99 which is quite a lot of money according to an article by PC Mag, it just feels so good in the user's hand and also works really well with both the Xbox One and the PC games that have earned the Editor's Choice.

In order to use this controller for your PC, you'll have to make sure that your OS is updated to the Windows 10 in order for you to get the most out of this new generation controller.


Although the design shows the genuine and standard Xbox One controller, the new gently rounded gamepad is also prominent with handgrips and even the now-standard Xbox-style dual analog new layout. The design also includes the left stick horizontally even when the four face buttons that are located on the right and also the right stick are positioned lower in order to be horizontally even despite the direction pad on the left.

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Both sides have two different large, pressure-sensitive triggers under both the space of your index fingers rest, these are with two different flat bumper buttons above them and an Xbox logo.

A little switch can be located right above each pair of paddles and this mechanically limits the trigger buttons' own range of motion, if you still do not want to deal with the whole distance of the triggers.

Besides removing these certain paddles, you can also be able to take out and even swap the caps of the seen analog sticks along with the direction pad, all of these clicks into certain places with magnets.

The Elite Controller also comes with two different pairs of analog sticks that are also concave in rubber caps at two different heights, a pair of the new DualShock 3-style convex rubber caps that can be located at the lower height. This all comes in with a circular eight-direction cover and also a standard cross-shaped cover for the entire direction pad.

Build quality and accessories

The Xbox Elite Controller actually feels much better on hand compared to the previous Xbox One Controller. It also has quite the satisfying heft that comes with its sturdiness of metal parts even though they are somewhat held in place by different magnets. It is also very apparent compared to the previous plastic analog sticks and the previous direction pad of the original Xbox One gamepad.

The battle between the Xbox Series X and PS5 has just begun. Which controller do you think is better?

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