Toyota's Electric RAV4 Now Sells in Japan for over $42,000: Worth it or not?

Toyota Motor Corp. has recently started selling its very first plug-in hybrid electric SUV in Japan as it now looks to commit more of the company's resources towards the electric vehicle market.

The brand new RAV4 is said to be loaded with an upgraded high-powered motor that actually provides a longer range as well as a better acceleration than its previous conventional hybrid model that was released back in April of last year. The price for the brand new RAV4 is at 4.69 million Yen or $42,840 USD.

This new sporty utility vehicle is equipped with an overall range of 1,300kms, the automaker said it can also travel up to 95kms based on pure battery power alone. This car is also equipped with high-tech onboard power sockets.

The car relies on a power source that lasts a little more than three days in outdoor or even emergency situations. According to the Toyota official that is in charge of the current model's development, the general use of electricity has already brought better traveling performance along with comfortability, as well as the popular improved eco-friendliness.

Toyota plans to sell 300 units per month.

Is the car worth it?

There are three types of individuals that need to make a decision with regards to this question, those who are still planning on purchasing a car, people who have purchased a car in the past, and people who might be planning to switch from combustion cars to electric cars.

For those who have not owned a car yet, the fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs could of electric cars, in general, could be a huge factor for picking the Toyota RAV4.

For those who have owned a car in the past, depending on the nature of driving you would want to accomplish, the RAV4 is a great flexible car that works for both a great vehicle for your family or for carrying around a great deal of equipment.

For those who currently own a combustion car, the long term savings on the maintenance as well as the switch from the expensive gas cost to the cheaper electricity cost might be enough to change your mind.

The electric car movement

The UK government is planning to switch towards electric cars in the year 2035 and it is already evident right now that the switch has already begun in many states of America.

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Just recently, the Tesla Model S was also able to dominate the market-beating the popular Honda Civic. By doing this, Tesla was able to dominate not just the electric car market but also the local car market in general.

Tesla's recent success with The Boring company has also shown that the future is looking bright for electric vehicles. Now that the Toyota RAV4 is finally out in Japan, electric cars are becoming even more dominant.

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