Here's How to Check IMDB Ratings when Picking Out What to Watch on Netflix

A recent article was published by The Next Web explaining how to check out IMDB ratings when trying to pick out what Netflix shows to watch.

In July 2018, many of the constant viewers of Netflix around the world got disappointed because of the user review system that is said to provide unjust and bias ratings for different shows that are not Netflix originals in comparison to those Netflix originals.

The system only suggests titles established on your interactions with the service which includes a simple method of displaying 'thumbs up' and 'thumbs down' reactions to all the contents you have watched already.

The unjust rating system has been a huge complaint even during the streaming service's early days. This resulted in people deciding to do their own diligent research to find out whether or not a movie is truly worth watching by looking at the show up in IMDb.

Here's how to check the IMDB rating on Chrome

What you only need to do is to simply install the extension, then switch on Netflix in Chrome. Next is to click on the graph button following the title of a show or film that you are interested in and it will expose the ratings retrieved from IMDb. This would also work in detailed previews and in thumbnails too, just hover over listings.

What also makes it easier to figure out if a show or a film is worth watching is that the charts for all the TV series will be displaying the ratings through all of their seasons and episodes. This will actually help you identify if a show is frequently good, and you will have the option to quickly search for the best episode and just skip to see it. This method clearly works best for those series without a continuous storyline.

Benjamin Mizrahi is a developer who created the TV CHART that is very helpful most of the time. But like any other newly developed Google extensions, it also has issues with certain shows that might be just bugs that can be fixed. Like for the Brit comedy series entitled Man Like Mobeen, the ratings cannot be pulled up. And like Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, the rating button was not shown.

You can use Chrome or Opera for you to discover the functional use of TV Chart.

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Netflix in the pandemic

Netflix is one of the companies that has benefited from the pandemic as its amount of subscribers has definitely increased in size. Due to the quarantine and social distancing protective measurements, citizens are advised to stay inside of their homes and find a way to entertain themselves.

Aside from gaming, Netflix fills this gap and offers an entertaining indoor experience for those stuck indoors. The downside is that most of the upcoming Netflix series has been put to a pause due to the health measures that surround filming. Enjoy your Netflix streaming with legitimate and spot on IMDB reviews.

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