Valorant Guide: Tips On How To Win With Each Character

Riot Games officially released Valorant a few days ago. Valorant is the newest tactical multiplayer FPS that combines the gunplay of Counter-Strike with the abilities of Overwatch. The game is no different from most modern shooters where the agents have their ideals, dreams, and stories for fighting each other.

Understanding what each agent can do and how they work is vital knowledge to win. There are more than a handful of characters in Valorant with more planned to be added. Here are some tips for Valorant's roster of eleven agents that can help you win your games once you understand them.


You can scare your enemies out from corners using Hot Hands, but prepare when they try running away and catch them.

If you want to improve your offense and defense, learn how to curve with Blaze. An example of good use of Blaze offensively is when you enter a bombsite and use the wall of fire to break the line of vision of the enemies so your team can advance. An example of good use of Blaze defensively is using it to stop your enemies from advancing by using the wall of fire, which you can use to heal up while you can.


If you want to put some smokes up farther ahead, you can use Updraft and Cloudburst together to launch yourself to higher ground while you're concealing yourself.

You can maximize the effectiveness of Cloudburst by curving the flight path of your Cloudburst smokes. You can carve them by holding the C key and then flicking your crosshair to the direction you want it to go.


Watch your fuel when using your abilities which use fuel up. You can use Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud at the same time, but it uses up fuel faster.

Poison Cloud is a reusable ability. To reuse it, pick up the canister before it fully depletes itself.


Try not to shoot Shock Bolts near your teammates since they damage both enemies and allies. What you should do instead is to ricochet your arrows so that it hits enemies behind cover or hiding around corners.

Ensure that you shoot your Recon Bolt somewhere an enemy smoke can't reach. Enemies can use well-placed smokes to hide from the Recon Bolt's tracking.


When placing the Spycam, try to place it somewhere high near the bombsite you want to watch over, while hiding it from plain sight. This positioning lets you check the bombsite while you're defending somewhere else.

If you combine the Cyber Cage and Trapwire and stay nearby, you can react quicker to approaching enemies. The two abilities will give you more time to take down a slowed-down enemy before you can be seriously damaged.

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When the round starts, place the Stim Beacon down so that your team receives a higher rate of fire and they'll be able to quickly take down a few enemies. Be careful where you put the Stim Beacon down though since enemies can benefit from it as well.

You can use Sky Smoke as a way to block off entire sections of a bombsite when you take them or retake them. It will be more challenging for the enemies to spot you and it will make it easier for you to clear out the bombsite.


When the round starts, don't waste the Barrier Orb. You have to find out the rough plan of where the enemy intends to go.

Work with your team to make the Slow Orb more effective by combining it with another ability from someone else, for example, a poison cloud or incendiary cloud.


If you're caught by a sniper in an open area, using Shadow Walk can save you.

Paranoia can blind an enemy around a corner, which will give you an easy takedown.


Breach's abilities are for helping your team. Some of them can damage your allies if they're too close. You can see Ability Indicators on the minimap so you can place your abilities with perfect accuracy.

If you're playing as Breach on Bind, you can help your team get through the teleporter safely using Fault Line.


Blast Pack does deal damage but using it to propel yourself to higher ground is better. Surprising enemies from above will damage your opponents more most of the time.

The Showstopper is loud, so only use it when the enemy has no means of escaping it.


Leer can help you get around corners and into bombsites, which you should use if you know an enemy is on the other side. If there is an enemy, experiment using the ethereal eye and sending it to them, but prepare to attack them as soon as possible afterward. It can give you a couple of extra seconds since enemies can shoot the ethereal eye down, so make each of your shots count.

Deciding if you should hide or heal needs you to have great tactical awareness and decision making. If your HP is severely lowered and you can stay connected to your orb while staying at a safe place, you should use Devour. Keep your senses aware since enemies can sneak around towards you while you're healing.

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