Google Chrome Incognito User? You May be Eligible for a $5000 Payout: Here's How

By Casey Q. , Jun 09, 2020 07:20 AM EDT

A class-action lawsuit has been filed by Boies Schiller Flexner law firm against Google for $5 billion, Mirror Online reported.  At least a million Google Chrome Incognito mode users from June 2016 are entitled to receive $5000 each should the lawyers of the firm win.   

Google is one of the companies next in line for allegedly gathering users' data in its Incognito Mode, a feature that does not save your history or your data which is in violation of the federal wiretap law and the California Invasion of Privacy Act.  

Analyzing the Lawsuit

Chasom Brown, Maria Nguyen and William Byatt are the individuals who filed the lawsuit separately on behalf of all those Google subscribers whose data was illegally exploited by Google from June 1, 2016 onward. Furthermore, they stated that consumers' data will always be vulnerable no matter what safeguards they use. 

The individuals claimed that Google was able to accomplish this feat using their other programs like Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager and many more built-in applications. Meaning Google knows what you searched for, knows where you live through the use of your I.P. address, and what computer or laptop you are using. 

Not just that, this also means that Google knows who your friends are, what your hobbies are, what you want to watch on Netflix, what you want to shop, etc...

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The aforementioned act prohibits the intentional gathering of data be it oral or written through using a safe device. 

Google's Side of the Coin

If you look into the terms and conditions of using Google's Incognito Mode, you'll find out that downloads and bookmarks will remain saved. However, the browsing history, cookies, site data and data from forms won't.

According to a spokesperson from Google spokesperson Jose Castaneda, he mentioned that the company would defend itself vigorously against these falsified claims. He added that every time a new incognito tab is open, the sites you browse may collect data. 

This should serve as an eye-opener to everyone out there if they think that the Internet is still a safe place. 

Data privacy has been an issue ever since the birth of the Internet and social media sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many others. More than we would like to admit, no one really reads the Terms and Conditions of using social media sites as they are often lengthy to read. 

Humanity lives in an age where data is more important than anything. Tech media companies ensure the public that their data is confidential and secure. Just as Internet browsers make life easier to search and browse whatever content we want, the tech media giants fail to inform us that they are watching us and exploiting our data as well. 

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