10 Most Useful Resources for Online Students

10 Most Useful Resources for Online Students
Photo : 10 Most Useful Resources for Online Students

Studying online is the norm rather than the option these days. Full-time students and professionals alike are opting for online courses because of the extra flexibility they offer. The fact that top universities now offer accredited programs to students make online degree programs even more popular.

For online students, the challenges are still there. Just because you are pursuing a degree online doesn't mean course requirements and passing exams is no longer important. There are still course materials to go through and assignments to complete. Fortunately, you have more useful resources to utilize these days. You should also check this list of online learning platform for some exciting online courses  

1. Koofers

If you find studying for exams difficult, Koofers is the site for you. The site is filled with flash cards that you can use to study. There are also practice exams to help you prepare for upcoming exams. To top it all off, Koofers let students rate professors, which means you can learn more about what your current lecturers are like on this site.

Koofers is not a tool that you can use every day, but it is certainly a handy resource to have. The flash cards alone are handy for when you need to master specific topics from your textbook or you have to prepare for an exam quickly.

2. NinjaEssays

NinjaEssays is more of a service than a resource or a tool, but it is a service that will also help make life as an online student easier. NinjaEssays, as the name suggests, can help you write great essays for various purposes, including for course assignments. If despite the extra flexibility, you still cannot find the time to write a good essay, NinjaEssays is definitely for you,

The site will link you with the best essay writers available. You can work on projects together and have the essays that you need to complete in no time at all. NinjaEssays doesn't just help you save time, but also help you write better in general.

3. Grammarly

Speaking about writing better, another invaluable tool to use as an online student is Grammarly. With the best courses in the United States such as programs from Baylor University Online, English is the primary language used to deliver course materials. This means assignments and exams must also be written in English.

Grammarly is a tool that can help you check your grammar and spelling accurately. The web tool can even suggest better word selection and writing style thanks to its use of artificial intelligence and smarter, more refined spellchecking algorithm.

4. Google Scholar

Next, we have Google Scholar. Despite the incredible features the scientific search tool now offers, Google Scholar is still very much underused. Not all students turn to Google Scholar when they need to find references and citations. Many still use the regular Google search, which is not as targeted as Scholar.

Scholar searches through: 

  • Journals

  • Articles

  • Other sources or scientific information online

It will then display the search result in a structured way, so you can find the information you need faster. Scholar will also search in books to make finding the right one to purchase easier.

5. Google Drive

Sticking with Google, the company actually offers a lot of tools and resources that are handy when you are a student. Google Docs is certainly valuable, but Google Drive is the one we want to talk about in this article. After all, Google Drive lets you store any type of file and access it from any remote terminal.

With Google Drive connected, you are no longer limited to just one device. As long as the files are stored in the cloud, you can use any computer to access them. This is a huge plus if you are an online student who wants to study from anywhere and at any time.

6. OpenStudy

We really cannot talk about tools and resources for online students without talking about OpenStudy. OpenStudy is the Reddit of students. This is where students from around the country gathers to connect, discuss various topics, exchange resources, and help each other. If you run into issues with your own study, you will find a solution on OpenStudy. 

There are groups that you can follow, and they usually center around particular subjects such as physics and mathematics. Once you join a group, you can discuss anything related to that group, including asking questions about specific questions you need to answer.

7. Studious

Studious is an app rather than a website, but it is a must-have app for online students. If you take offline courses, Studious is handy for keeping your phone silent when you attend classes. As an online student, however, the app is still valuable for eliminating unnecessary distractions when you are studying.

Studious will take your schedules and automatically silence your phone at those times. Simply set your phone aside and you can study without having to worry about phone calls and messages.

8. SelfControl

If you are looking for a similar app for Mac, SelfControl is the answer. It is also a macOS app that prevents you from accessing sites like:

  • Facebook 

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

These are sites that normally distract you from actually studying. The Mac app is free and open-source, and it is certainly a handy app to have if you often find yourself spending too much time on YouTube.

9. Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is actually the next tool on our list. Once again, this is a handy tool to have if you are a student with a lot of assignments to complete. As the name suggests, Dragon Dictation is a dictation tool, but one that you can really rely on for working on long articles. It is certainly a lot easier than manually typing on your keyboard.

10. More Tools!

There are more tools that you can use to make life as a student easier. You have Dictionary.com for helping you find words and Quizlet for expanding your vocabulary. Wolfram Alpha is also a handy resource to use for seeking information from experts and reliable sources. With these tools, there is no challenge that you cannot overcome.

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