Why Are People Online Mad Over The Popular Nickelodeon Cartoon Paw Patrol?

Recently, The New York Times released a piece that has sparked a diverse array of reactions all over different social media platforms over the prominent Nickelodeon cartoon Paw Patrol. The outrage seemed to be related to the fallout of George Floyd's death.

A critic from The New York Times, Amanda Hess, wrote a piece this Wednesday that was titled The Protests Come for Paw Patrol. She wrote about her thoughts on the criticism people had on the famous children's cartoon.

What Was The Criticism All About?

The criticism seemed to focus on the main character of the cartoon, who is a German Shepherd police dog named Chase. The online criticisms on the show and multiple others were calling the shows propaganda that positively showed off police officers as good guys.

According to The New York Times' Hess, the protestors coming for Paw Patrol was inevitable. She stated that the show has its main character Chase portrayed as one of the best dogs around. Chase barks things like "All in a police pup's day!" and "Chase is on the case!", while riding around in his high-tech police car saving kittens.

The Paw Patrol Twitter account tweeted out a few days ago that they were muting themselves in solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement. The tweet was expressing that they wanted the voices of black people to be heard and they deserved to be amplified.

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People On Twitter Regarding The Paw Patrol Hate

Many people on Twitter were dissatisfied with the Paw Patrol's tweet.

Twitter users said that the police dog needed to be euthanized. They wanted the Paw Patrol to be defunded.

According to some Twitter users, all dogs go to heaven when they die except the 'class traitors' in the Paw Patrol. One user questioned how much the Paw Patrol will be donating to the bail funds.

The critic Hess stated that the protests against police brutality and racial injustice has been going on long enough that the protestors have begun speaking out against fictional police officers. She observed that police dogs in cartoons are especially targeted by protestors.

As suggested by Hess herself, she called the cartoon a pet peeve of hers, and she tweeted out that she doesn't want a child to live in a world where they can watch Paw Patrol. Whether or not the tweet was sarcastic isn't clear.

But one thing is for sure, social media was alarmed that there was any outrage over Paw Patrol at all.

As a reference to the classic 1987 film Spaceball, The Hill's Joe Concha stated, "I give up. Game over, man. Game over. Last one out turn out the lights. We've gone to plaid."

Conservative radio host Dana Loesch gave a warning that Paw Patrol had the raging mob coming for the cartoon.

Steve Krakauer, a media critic with Fourth Watch, tweeted out that he doesn't believe that The New York Times wrote that piece. He thinks that The Onion was where the article belonged.

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