Check Out Jordan Peele's New Movies This 2020 Aside from Hunters!

By Urian , Jun 12, 2020 06:22 AM EDT

Jordan Peele's new movies this 2020 is something fans have been dying to find out after the previous Get Out was one of the most recent defining movies of the artist's career where the actor was able to break away from the Comedian stereotype. After being cemented on Comedy Central's Key and Peele as the hilarious duo, the actor broke away from his role and created a successful suspense film known as Get Out.

After the success of the movie, the comedian now turned director has a few films lined up. Fans of his work may know about Hunters but this is definitely not the only film that Peele is working on.

Before we check out the other movies, let's talk more about Hunters.


Who won't appreciate a film about annihilating Nazis? The very first project this 2020 of Jordan Peele is supposed to be the upcoming Hunters which is a show about certain Nazi hunters back in 1977 NYC that are trying to prevent the rise of the Fourth Reich.


The cast is said to include Al Pacino, Logan Lerman, and also Carol Kane. This will also be the first time David Weil got the support from Peele and his own production company called the Monkeypaw Productions to create this masterpiece.

This is said to be a straight-to-series order from Amazon. This is just one of Jordan Peele's new movie this 2020.


This upcoming film is said to be a sequel to the previous original Candyman. The Little Woods director known as Nia DaCosta's sophomore effort will now be taking on this urban legend horror film, with the original Candyman known as Tony Todd returning in order to scare the newer generation.


Jordan Peele will be a writer and also a producer for this upcoming film. The script was done in collaboration with Win Rosenfeld who has already worked with Peele on The Twilight Zone, The Last O.G., and even Hunters.

Lovecraft Country

This film is said to focus on Atticus Black played by Jonathan Majors along with his group traveling all across a Jim Crow America set back in the 1950s. This film is said to depict the racial horrors that could definitely be ripped apart from a Lovecraft novel.


Peele is said to be working with Game of Throne's J.J. Abrams on the show's production back in the summer of 2018. The show might be saved for HBO Max.

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Abruptio is definitely Jordan Peele's chance to go crazier than already done. The film is said to star James Marsters as the character Les Hackel who is a man that suddenly wakes up with a ticking bomb strapped to his own neck.

The show makes this character commit heinous crimes just to stay alive. Peele is said to star in this film as a certain supporting role. The production was halted due to Sid Haig's death back in September 2019 who was also supposed to be a supporting cast.

Jordan Peele's new movies this 2020 should definitely be looked forward to.

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