The Real Woman Behind the Viral Photo of 'Aracely Henriquez' Clarifies Misinformation in the Social Media

The untimely death of George Floyd who was killed in police custody as a certain officer pressed his knee on the poor man's neck despite repeatedly begging for him to take it off saying "I can't breathe." The death of Floyd has sparked a public cry for help as the reality of police brutality was revealed right before the eyes of the public. 

This movement turned into the BlackLivesMatter movement as people started to stand up for the lost life of Floyd and other black men and women who have died under police brutality. Initially, the masses cried out for justice to be given as the people who were responsible for the death of Floyd were not put behind bars. Now that they have been put to jail, certain people are starting to take advantage of the situation.

A certain post on Facebook started going viral which was angled to show George Floyd's criminal past. The post claims that Floyd harmed a certain Aracely Henriquez by kidnapping her and brutally beating her. The post also claimed that she was pregnant and that Floyd had a gun pointing towards her belly threatening to kill the unborn baby.

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The Real Woman Behind the Viral Photo of 'Aracely Henriquez'

The real woman who was behind this viral photo of Aracely Henriquez finally spoke up saying that her photo was being used in order to defame the gentle giant. She said that in only 12 hours, her photo got 7,000 shares all claiming that the Media was hiding the "truth" about the real Floyd.

The people who shared the viral photo angled the caption saying Floyd is not actually the person he is painted out to be in the media and that he allegedly assaulted the "pregnant" Aracely Henriquez.

The women being used in the photo is Andrea Sicignano and she has finally spoken up saying none of the allegations against Floyd were real and how offensive it was for her photo to be used as propaganda just to destroy the good image of Floyd.

She admitted that she was brutally beaten and raped and the photo came from her in the hospital about a year ago but she said that this was in no way related to Floyd. She posted the photo to social media to show the injustice and let the world see just how far the world has come to.


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The ongoing pandemic and protests

Despite the ongoing pandemic, people are still protesting and trying their best to voice out the injustice in the system. The pandemic has already claimed multiple lives but certain people feel that the protest is more important and would rather risk being infected if it meant being heard.

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