[Viral Video] Clueless Reporter Gets Trapped Inside Cable Car While Reporting

A new viral video shows a certain reporter suddenly getting trapped inside a cable car while reporting straight in front of the camera. The video starts off as any normal reporting video would but slowly transitions into a comedic skit as the reporter suddenly gets inside the cable car and the doors shut right in front of her face.

Reddit viral video

You can see her split reaction as the cable car doors shut but she tries to keep her cool and continue reporting despite obviously realizing she made a mistake. The hilarious video has been uploaded to Reddit under the user u/Bigringcycling and has already garnered discussion regarding the clip.

The video is muted which takes out the fun since it would have been even more hilarious if people were able to hear what the reporter had to say. Either way, the reaction seen on the reporter's face is priceless and hilarious at the same time.

The video also seems to be a video of the actual video itself and not the original video clip. It is still unclear as to where the original clip came from or if it was actually aired on TV but whatever the outcome was, the viral video makes for a pretty hilarious clip.

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The job of a reporter

Becoming a reporter is a hard job because not only do you have to present yourself properly on camera, you also have to be at various scenes and sometimes, these scenes are not necessarily that friendly.

In this case, the reporter seems not too familiar with cable cars and made a split decision to hop on board not knowing that the doors would close any moment. After seconds of stepping inside, the door closes right in front of her and once again, the expression on her face says it all.

Most reporters have tread dangerous waters especially with certain topics that are very sensitive or are in environments that are not necessarily safe. Some environments that these reporters venture too can be much more dangerous than a cable car but then again, these reporters still do this in order to get a clear clip of the scene.

Most reporters endure these dangerous surroundings just to get a clear shot for them to be able to properly show the scene or subject of the news. Whether it be cable cars or actual hazardous environments, the daring reporters go out of the way just to perfectly capture the news.

The viral video on Reddit is only one of the bloopers that happen when certain reporters are unaware of their choices at the moment. Since most news is reported live, reporters do not always have the luxury of committing mistakes which means that whatever blooper that happens, it usually winds up being reported.

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