Twitter Voice Message: How To Tweet Your Talk [Step by Step Guide]

Voice recognition has proven its usefulness time and time again, especially when living out our daily lives. For iOS users, they got Siri and it was the first voice recognition software ever to be released to the public making our day-to-day operations smooth from asking what the weather will be like tomorrow to showing your photos automatically.

Then you have Cortana for Windows users followed by Alexa from Amazon and Google Assistant from the tech giant.

And now, Twitter will be joining the lineup of voice recognition softwares as the social network giant announced it is currently testing a new feature that allows users to make a tweet utilizing speech-to-text software that can capture up to 140 seconds of audio in a single tweet according to a news report gathered from Financial Review.

As of this writing, it will only be available to a number of iOS users. But not to worry as the number will continue to increase.

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How to Use Twitter's Speech-to-Text Voice Recognition software

If you are one of the lucky iOS users who are able to use Twitter's latest feature, then there should be a "wavelengths" icon on the Tweet composer screen making your very own voice tweet.

According to the Twitter blog as noted by 9to5Mac, "Tweeting with your voice is not too different from Tweeting with text. You'll see your profile photo with the record button at the bottom - tap this to record your voice."

Twitter has built-in an auto-thread feature for voice tweets that go over the 140-second limit.

"Once you reach the time limit for a Tweet, a new voice Tweet starts automatically to create a thread. Once you're done, tap the Done button to end your recording and go back to the composer screen to Tweet." the blog added. Below is an example of how the an audio tweet would sound like:

Twitter has developed this feature in hopes that it will reduce misunderstandings and "create a more human experience" for the user.

"There's a lot that can be left unsaid or uninterpreted using text, so we hope voice Tweeting will create a more human experience for listeners and storytellers alike. We can't wait to see how people will use this to make their voices heard and add to the public conversation." according to the blog noted by Forbes.

Fake News and Online Abuse

Social media users are vulnerable to online threats and abuses more so than ever Aly Pavela, the spokesperson of Twitter told Reuters that the company is incorporating additional monitoring systems to combat misinformation and abuse.

Recently, Twitter has called out to President Trump in one of his tweets mentioning that it glorifies violence. 

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