[New Video] See the Close Up of the Proud SpaceX Crew Dragon as it Flaunts the NASA Logo and the American Flag

SpaceX and NASA have done it again. A video on Facebook from the public group "SpaceX' has just been posted. The short video consists of a close-up view on the recent launching of the SpaceX spacecraft Falcon 9.

The video is 12 seconds long and is captioned with "Best 'Crew Cam' View?" as its header. The 12-second long video shows the Falcon 9 blasting off from its launching pad.

The outer layer of the space vehicle was imprinted with the circular logo of NASA and the American flag. These logos were printed twice on the Falcon 9, situated on the top and middle parts of the spacecraft.

The woman behind the video recording was saying many things as the space shuttle was lifting off, stating her appraisal of NASA, SpaceX, and the Crew Dragon. In the background, it can be heard that people were cheering as the Falcon 9 spacecraft started its ascent into space.

The comment section of the Facebook video post expressed a generally positive outlook on the Falcon 9 launching, mentioning how breathtaking and amazing it was for America to launch a space shuttle into space again.

[New Video] See the Close Up of the Proud SpaceX Crew Dragon as it Flaunts the NASA Logo and the American Flag
(Photo : Screenshot From Billy Bob Joe Facebook Page)
[New Video] See the Close Up of the Proud SpaceX Crew Dragon as it Flaunts the NASA Logo and the American Flag

A New Era of Space Exploration for America

On May 31, 2020, at 3:22 PM (ET), the Crew Dragon space shuttle of SpaceX named "Falcon 9" launched into orbit in space. The astronaut crew that operated the inside of the SpaceX spacecraft consisted of NASA astronauts Col. Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken.

The Falcon 9 space vehicle launched from Launch Complex 39A, a launching pad that was used to launch many previous successful space shuttles. This recent achievement by NASA would not be made possible if it weren't for SpaceX's provision of the Crew Dragon spacecraft "Falcon 9."


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NASA's statement

According to an official video released by NASA on Twitter, it has been almost a decade since America launched an American spacecraft into space. Vice President Mike Pence, the speaker in the video, extended his congratulatory message in the NASA video.

The vice president has also stated in another official NASA video of NASA's future plans, saying that it is America's goal to go back to the Moon and devise a way to land on Mars finally.

The name of this new space exploration program is the Artemis program, as stated by the American President Donald Trump. He announced that the Artemis program will commence by 2024 and that the first female astronaut to reach the Moon will be of an American lineage.

Trump has also announced the safe arrival of the two Crew Dragon astronauts into Earth's lower orbit, telling all of America the breakthrough that it has achieved. Many people have expressed their positive sentiments and appraisals on the matter, including the official Twitter page of Times Square.

Times Square has stated its gratitude to NASA and SpaceX for successfully completing the Launch America program of the Crew Dragon space shuttle Falcon 9.

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