Tesla Saved My Life: Model 3 Owner Shares How a Car Accident Could Have Ended up in Serious Damage

A Facebook user shared his online testimonial speech on the social media platform, stating how his Tesla car saved his life on June 15, 2020, on Monday night. Ning Wong, the man who got into a car accident with his Tesla Model 3 car just this Monday night, explained his experience in his sudden car crash.

The accident

Last June 15, 2020, Wong was on a ramp that was connected to a freeway when his car slid out. This caused the man and his car to swivel off an embankment that was 25 feet high. The causeway was connected to the freeway. 

The man stated that the autopilot feature of his Tesla car was not turned. Moreover, he was careful not to exceed the speed limit of the highway.

This would lead to the conclusion that he was driving discreetly at the moment. Wong mentioned that the car accident might have happened because of external reasons and not his driving technique. 

He also mentioned that the possible reason as to why his car slid off the freeway is because of the wet outer layer of the road he was on.

As Wong's car slid off, the whole vehicle spun around in a 180-degree angle and collided with the curb on the right side of the road. After the car collided with the curb, it started to roll down the hill in which the freeway was situated near to.

Wong felt like he was in a movie car accident cliche wherein he felt time slowed down as he and the car started to roll down the hill.

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How Tesla saved his life

The airbags of the car activated when this happened and the loud crash sounds that came from the car crashing down the hill were heard everywhere.

The glass windows of the car and the exterior body parts of the car started to come off the vehicle as it quickly made its descent alongside the hill.

Due to the sporadic and inconsistent way the car crashed, only the side airbags activated in the Tesla, leaving the frontal area of the driver's seat exposed and, ultimately, Wong vulnerable to any potential lacerations and impalements.

As the vehicle made its final turn, it turned right side up on the bottom part of the hill. As this happened, an anonymous person called out to Wong and asked if he was okay.

Wong cried out a hoarse confirmation that implied that he was indeed fine and the unknown man proceeded to call 911. During the whole fiasco, the tablet attached to the Tesla car was unscathed. This is because Wong still had his factory protector over his Tesla screen.

He was not able to find his mobile phone in the wreckage so he used his Tesla screen to contact his wife about the car crash he was just in.

Wong mentioned in his testimony that Tesla personally contacted him and asked if he was okay. Tesla had detected that Wong's car was in a recent car crash and checked to see if he was okay.

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