[Caution] A New Ransomware has been Born: Here's How to Save Yourself from Jaff Extorting $3,700!

In reference to an article made by Network World, malicious software called "Jaff" is taking money from many people on the internet. This ransomware approaches people on the internet through spam email messages. These spam messages are sent by a virtual bot system called Necurs botnet.

Jaff specifically requests its target payments that contain real money. The ransom amounts to $3,700, almost $4,000 worth of paper-bill money. These ransomware occurrences are done by people behind the Locky and Bart campaigns. These people have created Jaff as one of their primary sources of online money ransom.

The Necurs Botnet System: Cybercrime and Consequences

Before knowing how to spot any attempt of online extortion from Jaff, or any other malicious ransomware, the background of the Necurs botnet system must be established first. Additionally, knowing how these emails work will give people online the knowledge on how to not open any potential risk of viruses in their computer and laptop devices.

This Necurs botnet system was launched eight years ago back in 2012 and is currently ranked as one of the leading botnets in the online world. In addition to this, the botnet system presently consists of approximately six million computers that are infected with malicious malware and viruses. Moreover, Necurs uses its ability to the fullest extent to forward millions of spam email messages to random targets.

This system is, by implication, behind the cybercrime that goes on on the internet world, infecting many devices everywhere with malicious ransomware and Trojan viruses. The spam email messages that were sent out, so far, usually utilize the template of a typical email that is sent by printers.

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Beware of the Spam emails

The subject title of these emails usually starts with words such as Document, File, PDF, Copy, or Scan. These words are then accompanied by a completely randomized number. Spam email messages from the Necurs botnet system are linked with a PDF file. This PDF file contains a second Word document file. The content of the second Word document file is the programming language that contains viruses and malware.

It also includes a set of instructions wherein receivers are allowed to use the codes embedded into the Word document file. Because of the wide scope that the Necurs botnet system is able to reach, Jaff can be passed on to countless oblivious people.

As made evident by the statements mentioned earlier, to spot the Jaff ransomware, one must keep in check the emails they receive. It is extremely crucial for people online to not open any email message that projects a sketchy feeling to it. A person checking their email accounts must remember the subject title the Necurs botnet system uses in their spam email messages to deceive its targets.

However, if someone did open these kinds of spam email messages, one must always remember to immediately run an antivirus application and a full diagnostic system in their computer or laptop devices. This is to alleviate any potential risk of viruses getting inside the systems of a person's PC device.

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