[New Feature] Google Chrome Android Adds New Automatic Dictionary: Here's How to Use it

Google Chrome on Android may just be installing a brand new feature to the text section that helps browsers define words with a simple tap. This is so far based on recent reports that highlight the upcoming feature which has already been slowly rolling out.

Currently, Android Chrome already appears to be showing a brand new card at the bottom that already contains a new wealth of information that is drawn from a simple Google search for the following selected words on the page. An easy to access pronunciation guide has also been included as well! 

The long-pressing of the term of word activates it, with the simple change in place, it then reverts to the previously-described search results. This then pulls up the definition in order to provide a full knowledge graph for the specific searched term.

This also means that users can finally get a major load of information for the words that come with very little action, helping everyone to understand the complete context of the text much better and more clearly.

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The feature is still in beta phase

Although this feature has also appeared to be alive and well in the Chrome Beta for Android, specifically for version 84. The additional features can also be found on that specific platform as well. And also for those who will undeniably make the tap-to-search feature both functional and also helpful.

Although the feature is under testing on Android's Chrome Beta, it did not solely search out the exact definitions for words. This happened when the platform tried to search for the definition of the word "physicist" in a particular article. Instead of giving the definition, it then pulled forward the whole surrounding terms as well.

The feature is focused on helping users understand where the chunk of information is currently coming from and even then possibly even help that users determine the exact veracity of the given information.

For a specific article about science, for example, may actually reference either one or even two scientists, in particular. This will give users the ability to even click their names and also determine that their occupation and maybe other information could eventually help users discover whether or not they have the requisite expertise to have actually made any claims to attribute them.

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This feature on top of Google Chrome Android's other features

If and when Google finally decides to release this new feature, this would stack really good atop the other fact-checking-related features that have already been rolling out, which has much proven useful recently.

This is also said to make Google's browser stand out just a little bit more from its competitor search engine apps on the platform when it is finally released. Google has been rolling out new features as the competition has been getting more agressive.

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