[Warning] Apple MacBook Air is Overheating! What Went Wrong?

When the newer MacBook Air finally launched, it definitely offered way more power in comparison to the previous Air machines. The reports quickly came in about the overheating machines as well as the fan noise on daily use. What makes things worse is that there were reports of a lack of performance when it came to running under load.

The premise as laid out by their reviewer Linus Sebastian along with his team on the popular Linus Tech Tips on YouTube is quite a simple one. If every single laptop manufacturer already includes a fan in order to aid cooling in the base of the entire machine at a minimum, what is the well-known MacBook Air leaving out on the table along with Apple's aesthetic of a perfectly sealed unit?


The MacBook Air's performance

The MacBook Air's entire performance is being closely examined when it comes to the cooling capacity and it was seen to improve starting with the carefully placed fans, and through tweaks to the whole thermal material as well as the interior design all the way to an innovative new water cooling solution.

The test results came back and showed a better cooling and the MacBook Air's performance was seen to have increased by about 15% according to the entire benchmarking. So the question is, why has Apple not delivered a product with these better options?

Another question being asked is this, does Apple actually want the MacBook air to be the ultimate computer it can be? Or is the computer just focused on being both light and portable? Although most people will be looking towards the consume media; basic edit work for the average college student, or for the more demanding office work; and in turn create straightforward audio as well as video content.

The new computer is packed with enough power for these tasks, but the very second you move out of the generalized Apple's definition of what "this is what the air is for", you might want to get a little bit more bang for the same amount of bucks that you are paying for the computer.

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Apple's MacBook Pro

An article by Ford suggests that the answer to the question "I want more power" is to "buy a MacBook Pro".

The basic unportable nature of the new MacBook Air simply places a focus on the tightly packed hardware hidden inside the chassis. By its very own nature that closely packs the electronics close as technologically possible but still leaves just a little room for additional complex cooling systems to be installed.

Most laptops that come with this form facto already have fans and vents that work to bring more cool air and also push out all the hot air. Which is currently not the Apple way. When you finally balance the design language to the MacBook Air, it is still hard to see where Apple in general could spoil the lines for additional traditional cooling.

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