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The world has changed significantly during the past few years and this is largely due to the rapid pace of technological advance. One of the major tools involving the internet today is social media. While there are numerous social media platforms from which to choose, one of the most popular is Instagram. There are a number of reasons why Instagram has become so popular and there are numerous reasons why people love it. One of the people who loves Instagram is Amani Alshehhi. Why is this the case?

First, people love Instagram because of its ability to connect with others. Similar to other social media platforms, people can use Instagram to create a profile. Then, they can fill up this profile with photos and videos that are meaningful to them. While Instagram started small, it has grown exponentially during the past few years. Now, Instagram is so popular that is rivals Facebook, who recently bought Instagram for a record amount. Because of the popularity of Instagram, their capabilities have changed. People can add filters, edit photos, post videos, and more. Eventually, people might even be able to buy and sell items on Instagram, adding a new layer of complexity to it.

When it comes to professional book reviewers like Amani Alshehhi, Instagram is great because it allows for the dissemination of ideas with ease. There is a lot of information when it comes to reviewing a book and all of this has to be shared with a wider viewing audience. Instagram provides people with the ability to post pictures of the book directly from multiple angles, share comments that might have been shared by other people, and even record an interview that hits on some of the high points of the book itself. These are a few of the many reasons why so many people who love to review books have fallen in love with Instagram.

Today, Instagram boasts a following that numbers in the hundreds of millions. What started off as a platform for young women to share pictures of their days has grown into a platform that has quickly crossed generational boundaries. Today, even companies are using Instagram for commercial purposes. It is great to see that even though people think the internet is diametrically opposed to the idea of reading, this is not the case. In many ways, Instagram can be used to encourage people to read. That is exactly what is being said by Amani Alshehhi, who is a professional book reviewer and shares her revies on Instagram.

It will be interesting to see where Instagram goes from here. As the platform continues to get bigger, its applications only continue to grow. It is great to see that many people have taken matters into their own hands and are using Instagram as a way to share knowledge.

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