The Mysterious Death of Siya Kakkar: The 16-Year-Old Indian TikTok Star Committed Suicide After Posting a Video of Her Dancing and Smiling

A famous Tiktok influencer, Siya Kakkar, who has over a million followers on Tiktok was found dead on the 24th of June 2020. The last video of her is seen on Tiktok shows her gracefully dancing for the last time on a Delhi rooftop. A few hours after sharing the video, a dead body of her was found.

Based on the stories shared by her family on the reports, the 16-year old Tiktok young star had been receiving different "threats" straight on the internet, but the police who were under the said investigation are unable to confirm the details of the real motive behind the threats on the early stage of the investigation.

Arjun Sarin, the manager of the young star, said that he had a conversation with Kakkar on the day of her death. He even confirmed that the time that they were discussing about working for a new project the young star sounded just the same as she was before. Mr. Sarin also added that this must be something personal, because work-wise, she does well on her content.

The TikTok celebrity

He added that the people from their company "Fame Experts" manages a lot of artists and Siya was one of the brightest. Most of her Tiktok videos posted online gained popularity because of her gracious dancing skill.

On platforms like Facebook and Twitter, family, friends, and other people who have worked with the talented artist, people were able to express their deep distress over her untimely death. Hashtag #SiyaKakkar has also been trending in India because of the reported unknown reason behind her suicide.

A known photographer named Viral Bhayani posted on his Instagram mentioning the young artist, how devastated the news is to him. He even added that before publishing the Instagram post, he confirmed that the manager had a talk with Kakkar for collaboration and said how lively the tone of the young artist, the manager even told him that he has no clue what happened or what went wrong that made her decide to end her life.

Viral Bhayani also added that, when you scroll through Kakkar's TikTok content, you will see how good she is with her content and how lively she is with what she does. With a folded hand emoji at the end of his post reminding everyone who is feeling depressed and might be able to see his post to not do the same.

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The mysterious deaths surrounding

One of the highest profiles in the Bollywood industry, an actor, named Sushant Singh Rajput, was also found dead in his apartment earlier days of the month of June.

The police suspected this as an act of suicide in his Mumbai apartment. The actor is one of the most respected artists in the Bollywood industry, he was known for playing the India cricket legend Mahendra Singh Dhoni in a biographical movie of the legend's life.

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