Best Laptop Cooling Pads [2020]: 3 Things to Look Out For

When you first get your laptop, it might run perfectly fine. But over a couple of years, dirt and grime can gradually build up inside your laptop's cooling fans, which slows them down and hinders your fans' cooling capabilities.

The heat that results from improper cooling will cause the laptop to be uncomfortably hot while you're using it and you'll suffer from impacts on your performance as your laptop's processor slows down so that it doesn't overheat. If you don't want to try taking apart your laptop to cool your fans, you can try investing in a laptop cooling pad instead.

What To Look Out For In A Laptop Cooling Pad

Space For Airflow

Look for a laptop cooling pad that leaves enough space under the laptop so that it can receive enough airflow. If there's no proper airflow, the laptop cooling pad's efforts won't be effective.

Fans In The Cooling Pad

The laptop cooling pads have built-in fans in them that are used to enhance the cooling of the laptop. Check how many fans there are, how big they are, and how fast they spin.

Extra Quality-of-Life Features

Some laptop cooling pads can make it comfortable for you to place it on your lap. Others can raise the laptop at an angle so that the screen is at a comfortable height while you use the laptop on a desk. There are a variety of features that enhance the experience of using a laptop.

Best Laptop Cooling Pads In 2020

KLIM Ultimate + RGB Laptop Cooling Pad with LED Rim + Gaming Laptop Cooler + USB Powered Fan + Very Stable and Silent Laptop Stand + Compatible up to 17" + for PC Mac PS4 Xbox One + New 2020

The KLIM Ultimate cooling pad is versatile and stylish. The cooling pad houses as large 200mm fan that runs at a speed of 750RPM. which will keep your laptop cool while staying quiet enough you won't notice the extra noise it produces.

Around the edge of the cooling pad, there's an RGB light strip that can show off multiple RGB lighting effects. There is also an adjustable riser that can raise your laptop at several angles.

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TopMate C7 15.6-17.3 inch Gaming Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad | 5 Quiet Fans and LCD Screen | 2400RPM Strong Wind Designed for Gamers and Office

The TopMate C7 has one powerful fan that is surrounded by four small fans around. On the front of the laptop cooling pad is a sleek control unit that lets you adjust the speed of the fans as well as the lighting and power of the cooling pad.

Also, there is a little flap that you can flip up that protrudes enough so that if you tilt the laptop cooling pad upward, the laptop won't slide off of the cooling pad.

KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad - Support 11 to 19 Inches Laptops, PS4 - [ 4 Fans ] - Light, Quiet Rapid Cooling Action - Ergonomic Ventilated Support - Gamer USB Slim Portable Gaming Stand - Black

The Klim Wind laptop cooling pad will provide your laptop with breathable airflow while being of great value. This cooling pad has four 120mm fans, and the fans spin as fast as 1,200RPM to cool the base of your laptop impressively. Laptops that are as compact as 11 inches or as wide as 19 inches can fit on the cooling pad.

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