Nikola's Badger Will Also Come With Built-In Soda Fountain: CEO Milton Explains How it Works

With the number of electric vehicles on the streets of America, consumers are also looking for premium features that make their cars more unique than everyone else's. For the Nikola Badger that utilizes a hydrogen fuel cell, this could be its built-in drinking water feature.

Accrding to Simon Alvarez from Teslarati, Trevor Milton, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nikola has been receiving questions on his Twitter account on how the water that is coming out of the Nikola Badger can be utilized. 

Milton noted that most of the fuel cell water is normally used for windshield washer fluid. But he also said that some of the water would be purified to provide drivers with clean drinking water thanks to the built-in drinking fountain that will be installed in the future. You can check out his Twitter thread below. 

A Built-In Soda Fountain?

What's better than water? A built-in soda fountain. Milton invited Soda Stream USA to collaborate with Nikola to create a possible built-in soda machine for the company's hydrogen pickup and semi truck. You can check out his tweet below. 

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Is Fuel Cell Water Safe to Drink?

Rumors of whether fuel cell water would be safe to drink for consumers is making the rounds after the announcement from Milton. Toyota, who manufactured mirai, a hydrogen fuel cell car, has stated in the past that the vehicle's fuel cell water is actually safe to drink.

"We tested the health impact of drinking the water in a special lab. They said that compared to drinking milk, this drainage water has much fewer organic impurities," Seiji Mizuno, who worked on the Mirai's fuel stack power generator. He does not recommend drinking the Mirai's drainage water, as it would depend on where the car has traveled, making it possible for organisms like E.coli could end up in the water.

Reservations for the Nikola Badger will be open starting June 29. 

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