Guide to Playing Ninjala: How to Drop Gumchi, Use Gum Dash, Drones and Other Tips To Easily Win Against Your Foes!

Initially announced at E3 2018, Ninjala is a free-to-play multiplayer online action game that GungHo Online Entertainment both developed and published. It was released for the Nintendo Switch on June 24, 2020.

Ninjala logo with Lucy
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The game features ninjas that use gum as weapons. Players are the ninjas and they use Ninja-Gum to harness their Shinobi powers, which will let them wield numerous attacks and abilities that they can use to fight their opponents.

But you probably want to know how you can defeat your opponents easily without being defeated over and over again by the same person over a couple of matches. Well, here are some tips you can use to get better at the game and beat your enemies!

Tips To Increase Your Chances To Win In Ninjala

Don't forget to drop a gumchi!

The majority of players don't use their gumchis. If you press right on the D-Pad, you'll summon a gumchi figure. When you press down after that, you'll turn into an identical gumchi.

If you need to hide, you can set two gumchis down close to each other, you and the other gumchi. Once you do, hope the enemy goes for the other gumchi. If they do go for the decoy, then you can attack them easily.

Also, you can press both right and down at the same time, which makes you drop a gumchi as well as transform yourself into one simultaneously.

Don't underestimate drones!

When you destroy drones, you'll receive an S-Energy boost. The boost you get will help you significantly and it increases your S-Energy capacity, which remains throughout that round.

Destroying drones will lead to lesser drones. That means other players won't get the increased S-Energy capacity.

Use the gum dash!

The gum dash is drastically faster than running normally. Using the gum dash can help you reach drones quicker, and it's also good for escaping a dangerous conflict.

However, it costs a decent amount of S-Energy, so you should know when you should be using a regular dash and when you should use a gum dash.

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Morph to regenerate your health!

When you morph, which is either when you transform to a gumchi or a stage element, you'll have a higher rate of health regeneration.

Being morphed hides your nametag, which means that you'll be out of danger even if you aren't trying to hide.

Parry to the side if you're unsure!

It would be best to pick left or right when you're parrying. It defaults to up if you don't pick a parry direction, and people don't usually choose down.

Remember your enemies' habits!

If you can, you should take note of the enemy players' habits. Remember if they only parry up or if they're random, and other tactical actions they prefer to do.

Dash out when parrying against people with big weapons!

When parrying against an enemy with a big weapon, it isn't worth the risk to parry. You should dash out since it isn't worth the risk.

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