Christopher Lee, Marketing Manager at WNY Holdings, Describes 5 Tools You Should Have in Your Entrepreneurial Toolbox

Christopher Lee, Marketing Manager at WNY Holdings, Describes 5 Tools You Should Have in Your Entrepreneurial Toolbox
Photo : Christopher Lee, Marketing Manager at WNY Holdings, Describes 5 Tools You Should Have in Your Entrepreneurial Toolbox

Entering a keyword like 'entrepreneurship' or 'branding tools online' into a Google search can lead to being overwhelmed with the amount of information available on these topics. The right tools can help you build your brand and expand on your current network while improving your work. Here, Christopher Lee, the Marketing Manager at WNY Holdings, offers a resource list with some of the best tools you should have in your entrepreneurial toolbox.


There are a lot of different email platforms available to entrepreneurs today at a variety of price points. Mailshake offers features that provide in-depth information about the emails you send out, and better helps you to communicate with your mailing list. For instance, you can see tracking information that relays how many emails were opened or received replies. Also, it supplies templates and other tools to help you maximize your email campaigns.


Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a great free tool that you can use to be notified when something regarding your brand or niche is mentioned online. You create the keywords, such as your name or your business name, and when something is published online, Google will send you an email with a snippet of the article and a link to view it in its entirety. Not only can you follow your business, but it's a great way to keep an eye on the competition.



Ever look at your website and try to see it through the eyes of your audience? Hotjar can help you with that endeavor. This tool looks at the way your website is designed to help you optimize it fully. It will help to point out what areas users are the most interested in when interacting with your site. Hotjar provides a visual look at how your audience uses your website. Also, you can analyze your funnel to see how effective it is with your users.



Not everyone is a great digital artist, and that's okay, thanks to Canva. You can easily create infographics and other digital work thanks to the easy to use interface and numerous templates. The best part is that using Canva is free, and adding additional templates is a very reasonable cost that can often fit the tightest budgets. Plus, once you've purchased and customized a template, you can continue using it as long as you like. Don't forget to check out their blog where the Canva team publishes educational blog posts to help you get the most out of your digital efforts.



Hubspot offers a lot of value in a variety of ways. Hubspot Academy offers excellent educational materials to help in your marketing and brand building endeavors. It can make it easier to capture leads and emails. You can take advantage of their free CRM or Customer Relationship Management Software. They offer tools that handle your sales, marketing, and service.  

These tools are exactly what an entrepreneur needs to help them in growing their business. Taking advantage of these resources is an excellent way to improve your branding efforts, expand your network, improve how you work, and help to maximize your potential for success.

About Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is the Marketing Manager at WNY Holdings LLC, a customer-focused digital marketing company that was started in 2018 to provide tailored marketing strategies for small businesses. Christopher Lee assists clients with all their digital marketing needs, from content marketing, web, and graphic design, media creation, SEO, all the way to Facebook advertising.

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