Best Work Background Music on YouTube: Increase Your Productivity with Vaporwave, Chillstep, LoFi

Ever noticed how stressed you've become while trying to focus on work? Maybe it's time to turn on some jams and increase your productivity while making yourself feel more relaxed. Music can either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on whether or not it helps you focus or if it distracts you.

One thing you can do for you to be able to focus for long periods at a time is to play an hour-long track on YouTube and dedicate your full focus while the music is on. This allows you to maximize the time within the time you've allotted by keeping your brain stimulated while you are focused on accomplishing the task at hand.

Vaporwave, Chillstep, and LoFi are three popular genres that really help improve your productivity and put you in "the zone."

Here are a few of the best work background music on YouTube:

Aesthetic 80's Vaporwave/Chill Wave Outrun Music 2020!


This is a great mix to play if you are inputting data to your computer or are dealing with something that requires a great deal of data input since the synth along with the consistent beat allows you to keep at a consistent pace.

The track works by conditioning your mind to work at a certain tempo. You'll realize just how much work you've done once you finish the entire video track on YouTube.

This Vaporwave track is great if you're a fan of retro gaming or maybe just appreciate the retro style.

Bloom | Chillstep Mix


This is a great mix to play if you are trying to relax due to the complicated intricacies of your work or other reasons at hand. This mix helps you not only focus on what you are doing but also recover from a very stressful mentality.

Don't forget to breathe and just keep working as the continuous beat drives you to type despite distraction or maybe the loss of focus.

This is also a very light mix so it can be done during the stressful hours during the day when you want to relax but still have to work. Why not work while being relaxed?

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Music For Work | LoFi & Chill Hip-Hop Mix | WM Collection #011


This mix is designed to wake you up and get you started with work. With the hip-hop beat in the background but a very new type of vibe, you'll be feeling both relaxed but energetic at the same time.

Don't doze off just yet! This track might give you the extra push you need to finish what you have to and get you through the day.

This is also a very good vibe if you are working late at night or are tired during work. The drum beats really liven up the place without stressing you. Also, who doesn't like doing their little head dance while working?

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Here are a few of the best work background music on YouTube. Pick out which one works best and have fun!

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