Popular Gaming YouTuber JackSepticEye Is Going To Take An Extended Break From YouTube?

Jacksepticeye has been a professional YouTuber for many years, but it looks like he is thinking of taking an extended break.

(Photo : Jacksepticeye / Twitter)

A professional YouTuber doesn't get enough credit for all the work they do to keep their channel up and running.

The process seems like it's finding a game, playing it, recording your gameplay, upload it to YouTube, and watch as views and comments roll in.

That's putting it simply, but it's true. However, there's still a high amount of stress that comes from having to do this constantly.

What Are The Reasons Why Jacksepticeye Might Take An Extended Break?

A professional YouTuber has to put themselves out onto the Internet for the entire world to complain and criticize, but they will also be pressured to keep themselves relevant and popular.

Recently, we have seen numerous famous YouTubers lose their audiences due to their bad decisions.

However, it looks like the stress might cause the popular YouTuber Jacksepticeye to consider another break. He tweeted out that he was considering taking an extended break.

Two years ago, Jacksepticeye took a break for a few months, which was a result of burnout due to having to constantly create and upload videos.

Another reason he took a break two years ago was due to some mental health issues, which weren't specified.

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The Response From Jacksepticeye's Fans

It's unclear why he's thinking of taking a break this time, but his fans care about his wellbeing and are accepting of his thoughts of having some time off of YouTube.

Here are some examples of what his fans are saying:

It seems that no matter what Jacksepticeye does, his fans will always care about him and support his decisions.

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