Guide: 5 Things to Know Before Playing BIPED Game on Nintendo Switch [Gameplay, Walkthrough, etc]

Review website Metacritic has released its summary on the newest Nintendo Switch game BIPED. The website will be releasing the summary as an official review page once the game is globally released and more critic reviews are added for readers to read and use as a basis when playing it.

As of now, the metascore of the BIPED game has not been decided because there is only one critic review on the game. This one analysis on the game is not sufficient enough to be used as the foundation of the metascoring of the Nintendo Switch game.

Metacritic is currently waiting on three reviews that will be released soon to make its final decision on the initial metascoring of the game. The critic review was made by Harvard L. The review mentioned the background of BIPED, stating its creators and what kind of game it is.

Things to Know Before Playing BIPED on the Nintendo Switch

BIPED is a 3D platform physics game created by the prominent video game developer NExT Studios that is based in mainland China. The game developer has created many games such as the MOBA game Spiral Spirits, a suspense adventure game called Unheard, and a fighting mecha robot game Metal Revolution.

Moreover, NExT Studios is known for achieving many awards because of their creatively designed gameplays and storylines in their games. BIPED is considered to be NExT Studio's eighth released game. The way the game was designed is similar to popular games such as Octodad and Snake Pass.

As mentioned earlier, it uses the concept of 3D platform as the main purpose of the game. Players are meant to go through the game maps by staying on top of the various blocks that give them some kind of ground. The game is set in a highly elevated place wherein one wrong move can send a player losing his/her character's virtual lives.

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The game's platform

Normally, with platform games, one would assume that it's just another rip-off version of a Super Mario game. Harvard, however, thinks otherwise. This is because the characters of gamers are all mechanical robots that have legs that rotate in any angle.

The leg movement is controlled by each analog stick of a player's video game controller. For the Nintendo Switch's case, these analog sticks would be found on the top left corner and bottom right corner of the gaming device.

The normal mode of BIPED is co-op, short for cooperative. A set of two gamers play the game in a cooperative manner wherein they have to go through the game's obstacles together.

This is what makes the newest Nintendo Switch game much harder to play than a Super Mario game. This is because two players must be in sync with each other while playing the physics game.

Harvard also mentioned that the campaign mode (the co-op default mode) of the game takes a long time to finish. There are eight worlds that need to be completed. On average, each world takes at least 20 minutes to finish, granting BIPED approximately 2-4 hours of continuous gameplay.

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To know about the BIPED gameplay, levels,  and walkthrough, watch the following:

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