Tesla? Fashion? Could Elon Musk's Statement of Producing Short Shorts Be a Joke? Here's the Real Deal

It's hard to tell when the billionaire Elon Musk is joking on Twitter and this has been a problem even his investors are facing. Just recently, Elon Musk promised his followers that Tesla will now be manufacturing short shorts in very radiant satin along with gold trims.

This is really far out from Tesla's current production of electric vehicles. One person even replied to his Tweet and asked if those shorts could have flames which Musk replied that if he did that, people might not take him seriously. This makes it even more confusing as to whether or not the CEO is serious with what he is saying but one thing is for sure, Tesla is having a different celebration as of the moment.

In an article by MSN, it was found out that Elon Musk was actually mocking regulators and short-sellers.


Tesla's Q2 success

While most companies are going bankrupt and feeling the harsh end of the whip due to the ongoing crisis caused by the pandemic, Tesla was able to beat its predictions and sell over 90,000 cars despite only expecting up to 80,000. This is a huge volume of sales given that the factory had to limit their production due to the ongoing safety protocols.

Elon Musk congratulated the Tesla employees for doing a great job this 2nd quarter while also thanking investors for trusting in them despite the ongoing crisis. Most of Tesla's investors have stayed with the company despite the fluctuation of prices due to the long term goals that this company has.

Tesla is one of the most powerful electric vehicle companies because of its efficiency and genius engineering. Another thing that makes Tesla one of the best is because of its early entry into the world of electric vehicles.

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Elon Musk's success

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Elon Musk is one of the few who still profited despite most people like Warren Buffet, the most esteemed investor, was losing money. Jeff Bezos is still the wealthiest man in the world and despite his divorce, the billionaire has increased his net worth to over $171.6 billion USD!

It has been a good year for Musk despite the pandemic as even SpaceX has been able to successfully move forward towards his goal. The accomplishment of sending people to the International Space Station is just a step away from being able to send them to the moon.

SpaceX's ultimate goal is to send people to Mars and Musk looks at the moon as a training ground to prepare the technology and the astronauts to be able to get to Mars. This, as Musk puts it, is humanity's future hope when it comes to survival.

Musk looks forward to us becoming a multi-planet species meaning we will be able to live on other environments as well.

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