Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens Guide: How You Can Easily Defeat The Jungle Abomination

In the Jungle Awakens DLC of Mojang Studios' game Minecraft Dungeons, you will eventually reach the Overgrown Temple. That is where you'll fight the boss, the Jungle Abomination, which is a giant Golem that can summon enemies. It will try crushing you with its fist or piercing you with its dangerous tendrils.

Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens official art
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What equipment and artifacts to equip in jungle awakens 

There are many pieces of equipment and artifacts that you can equip, but here are the best ones you can wear when fighting the Jungle Abomination:

If you're going for a Melee Build

Equipment: Fighter's Bindings (Critical Hit)

Artifact: Gong of Weakening

If you're going for a Tank Build

Equipment: Full Metal Armor (Protection)

Artifact: Golem Kit

If you're going for a Ranged Build

Equipment: Harp Crossbow (Accelerate)

Artifact: Fireworks

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The attacks of the Jungle Abomination

The Jungle Abomination has three different kinds of attacks; here are what the boss's attacks are:

Summoning Enemies

The fight will become more complicated when the Jungle Abomination summons Leapleafs as well as Whisperers. The Whisperers, on the other hand, will summon Poison-Quill Vines. The Poison-Quill Vines will make the fight even more challenging.

Short Range Slam Attack

When the Jungle Abomination performs its slam attack, it will bring its arm up in preparation to attack you. You will have a short moment to run away from the attack area until it slams its hammer arm down, which will send a shockwave out when it hits the ground. The Jungle Abomination's slam attack will damage you in a wide area at the front of it.

Long Range Tendrils Attack

When you see the Jungle Abomination shove its tendril arm down into the ground, you should be careful. After a short while, there will be multiple tendrils that pop out through the ground to hit you. This attack is faster than the slam attack, and it can hit you from a farther range.

How you can defeat the Jungle Abomination

There are a few tactics to keep in mind when fighting the Jungle Abomination, here are the different strategies you need to remember:

Stay away from its attacks

This strategy is the most obvious since you will naturally avoid taking damage. If you want to hurt the Jungle Abomination, you need to get behind it to damage it. The boss isn't fast, and the slam attack is slow, so you can take advantage of its lack of speed and get behind it to attack it.

Quickly deal with the whisperers

If you leave the Whisperers along, they will turn into a big issue. It will be difficult to dodge the Jungle Abomination's attacks when they summon their vines. The Poison-Quill Vines they summon will increase the damage you take, so be careful.

Avoid where the tendrils come up

Keep your eyes on the ground around you whenever the Jungle Abomination sticks its tendrils into the ground. You'll see indicators of where the tendrils will come out, so get away from them, and you won't be hurt.

Take advantage of the jungle abomination's vulnerability

Whenever the Jungle Abomination starts roaring, that's when you can tell it's vulnerable. You should give it an all-out attack since it won't be attacking you for a couple of seconds.

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