Introducing the New Leia Gabriel's LUV: The Luxury Urban Vehicle Built Small, Beautiful, and Luxurious

There are a few things in this world that money cannot buy: love, health, and maybe even a comfortable way to avoid traffic. Bicycles, motorcycles, and even helicopters are great at avoiding traffic, but they also have their own shortcomings. A certain discerning executive who really values comfort also wants a certain way to commute in busy streets.

Introducing the New Leia Gabriel's LUV: The Luxury Urban Vehicle Built Small, Beautiful, and Luxurious
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Introducing the New Leia Gabriel's LUV: The Luxury Urban Vehicle Built Small, Beautiful, and Luxurious

The new Luxury Urban Vehicle, otherwise known as LUV, is a sleek, slim, compact electronic car that is currently establishing a brand new automotive segment. It's still the first consumer product created by Leia Gabriel, the whole automotive arm of MineBest, a new tech firm that tries to develop certain blockchain solutions for the whole world.

Leia Gabriel SUV: Like a private jet, but for the road

This car is definitely for those who appreciate bespoke elegance. It's also for those still see that all of the ultra-luxury vehicles in the market today are forced to spend hours in traffic. The new Leia Gabriel LUV offers a certain solution to that problem.

This particular electric vehicle is definitely able to use the whole high-occupancy vehicle lanes which are also known as bus lanes in a great number of cities. Because of its size, it can definitely fit in so many unconventional small parking spaces.

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The design of the LUV

The car's dimensions are only 86cm wide and 340cm--a total of only 34 inches by 134 inches. This still includes the high-tech handling capabilities which in the end make it safer at high speeds as well as highly maneuverable. These two different factors alone also save precious minutes while commuting to work or rushing to an important meeting.

There are many different existing electric runabouts that are circulating on the market. However, there is no other manufacturer that's already equipped with cars of that level of comfort and also with keen attention to detail.

The new LUV also includes hand-stitched leather interior, new carbon fiber elements, and also fully ergonomic controls. This means that the drivers should never have the need to take their eyes off of the road.

Despite its size, the LUV is designed to carry two people in complete comfort. They've placed the seat in sort of a tandem formation that reduces the whole width of the car. This gives you a much more aerodynamic shape that should reduce drag and also increase efficiency. 

The LUV has a top speed of a little over 160 km/h or as much as 100 mph, and also a range of 160km or 100 miles on just a single charge. This makes this vehicle the perfect companion for weekend getaways out of town and long city drives.

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