Blaux Portable AC Review: New Prices, Revised Shipping Dates

By Staff Reporter , Jul 08, 2020 10:40 AM EDT
Blaux Portable AC

Blaux Portable AC is a personal air conditioning cooler unit that provides rapid cooling benefits in as little as half a minute and can chill a medium to large size indoor room in only a handful of minutes. Never before have consumers had so much luxury when it comes to portable air conditioners and Blaux's innovation inside the personal AC market has all but captured the hearts and minds of individuals from around the world this summer.

Now, according to a new consumer report reviewing the Blaux Portable AC, there is now two big announcements to make note of for any new buyer of the Blaux AC units:

1) the price of one Blaux Portable AC is now only $89 per unit versus $124

2) the revised shipping dates for the Portable Blaux AC are as early as July 21, 2020, with August 18, 2020 being the latest new orders will be shipped

Why are these two announcements big news in the world of portable air conditioners? Blaux, a household brand name with trademarked personal air conditioners and personal fan, has taken the summer by storm here in the USA with its release of the Blaux Portable AC and Blaux Wearable AC. Now, given the two favorable consumer updates, these two personal air conditioning units with maximum air cooling portability and technology are two of the summer's most searched and sought out items, which can now be bought at the cheapest price possible and will begin shipping out this week and remaining month just in time to beat the summer's hot and heavy humidity.

Let's jump into the premium portable air coolers from Blaux and see why the personal AC units are stealing the summer's heat and helping consumers stay cool, calm and comfortably sweat-free from around the world.

Blaux AC: The Portable Air Cooler and Personal Wearable AC Fan

The Blaux Portable AC is the stud of the Blaux AC product lineup, which is a mini desktop air cooler that is jam-packed with user-friendly features and Eco-friendly, energy efficient advanced cooling technology that delivers a whole new level of customization when it comes to personal space cooling.

The Blaux Wearable AC, not to be outdone by its portable air conditioner counterpart, is a personal air cooling fan that wraps around the neck and provides refreshing relief wherever, whenever. While the Blaux Personal Fan is a first in terms of wearable air conditioners, the Blaux Portable Air Conditioner is the star on stage this summer - and for good cause - it's time to review the Portable Blaux AC unit and see how it works, why the buzz is surrounding it and how to get a half off, 50% discount price while supplies last at introductory level costs.

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Why Blaux Air Conditioners?

Summertime won't last forever. While there have been many universities shutting down their doors while the pandemic continues, students need to be able to come back to comfortable accommodations to get back into their courses and classes with little to distract them. Blaux has recently launched a new and portable solution to beat the heat and make college life a little more comfortable.

  • Cooling only takes 30 seconds.

  • Users can charge the cooler to run it cordlessly.

Anyone that has lived on their own understands how important it is to be comfortable, and Blaux has heard these demands. Already offering many different products to help with relief from the heat, the brand has recently debuted a new portable AC that is set on delivering relief to the masses.

Marketed as an ideal solution for dorm rooms and other spaces with limited air circulation, Blaux sheds light on a common problem for new students. Though there have been many upgrades to colleges and universities across the country, a substantial number of dorm rooms still don't have any air conditioning, or the models that are installed as incredibly old. Students need to have comfortable conditions so that they can focus their attention on schoolwork, and the Blaux Portable AC has been introduced for exactly this problem.

One of the main advantages that this cooler brings to consumers is the fast-cooling mechanism. While other devices can take a while to actually circulate the cool air through the room, the top engineers in Hong Kong have ensured that a whole dorm room can be cooled off in a matter of 30 seconds once the device is turned on. Even though this device is powerful, the creators have made it compact enough to stay on a desk or book case, keeping the cool air exactly where the user is.

What Exactly Is the Blaux Portable AC?

The Blaux Portable AC is a cooling unit that has all of the compact style and portability that students and adults both enjoy. The device needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet to charge with the included Type-C cable to charge the built-in battery, but it can operate cordlessly after.

The creators at Blaux clearly had decor in mind when they developed the portable AC, as it offers several different colors to create a more attractive ambiance in the room. Plus, since the device makes minimal noise, it is ideal for late-night study sessions or camping with friends. The device offers a durable handle to carry it around, making it easier to store while not in use or load up in the back of the car.

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How Does the Blaux Portable Air Conditioner Work?

Rather than being installed with an expensive tech that charges by the hour, Blaux created their new AC to be user-friendly and easy to set up. Once charged, the user can check the water curtains, fill the tank, and start using it now. The water curtains act as a filter, pulling out the dust and debris from the air, leaving the user with only pure air behind. In a time when the pandemic is continuing to spread throughout the world, the ability to breathe clean air isn't something that anyone takes for granted anymore.

The cooler comes with three "cool modes" for the different fan speeds, which users can direct to where they want with the attached louver. Even when running on high, Blaux has designed the cooler to remain rather quiet, which stands out among all of the aggressively loud coolers on the market today. As high-tech and helpful as this cooler is, the fact that is doesn't require any other experience to set it is up is a distinct advantage.

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Along with the obvious cooling benefit, this device is made to keep the right amount of humidity in a room as well. Most traditional units remove humidity from the room, but this dry air can lead to dry skin, inflammation and irritation in the sinuses, and chapped lips. Some people can even be at risk for nosebleeds without enough moisture in the air. The Blaux Portable AC offers regulation of the moisture in the air, providing cool humidity throughout the room to keep skin healthy and lips moisturized.

To make sure that their device only circulates clean air, there's no freon or any other chemical in the Portable AC. At just 2.2 pounds, the only thing that users need to do is keep the water filled and keep the water curtain clean.

What Does Blaux Portable AC Mean for Electricity Use?

Running the air conditioning all summer long is a hefty cost, which Blaux has taken into consideration. There are several ways that the Portable AC helps to cut the cost of electricity, starting with the cordless operation.

To be portable, the device cannot be plugged in constantly, and the use of the Portable AC allows users to only spend electricity when they are charging up the device. After the battery is at its fully capacity, the user can unplug it and use it anywhere. While other machines can draw on phantom power (i.e. the use of electricity while a device is idle), this device runs on its own rechargeable battery.

Since it is able to run independently, it can be used anywhere, regardless of whether there is access to electricity. To preserve the battery and prevent overuse, there's no motion sensor to instantly activate it, which may be a disadvantage for some people. However, for others, the complete control over the operation of the Portable AC is a selling point.

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What Does Blaux Portable AC Cost, and Where Is It Available?

Rather than going through one of the many reputable third-party retailers, Blaux has chosen to sell this Portable Cooler on their own through one of their official websites. It will retail for $124.29 when it is released, but the company is offering a promotional pre-order price for now, bringing the price down to $89.99. They also have deals for consumers who want to get a few of the coolers to have on hand. There are many positive reviews about Blaux Portable AC to sift through online if still unsure whether personal air conditioners are the right fit for the job at home, the office or on the go.

The Blaux Portable AC is not on nor will the Blaux Portable AC be on Amazon's marketplace anytime soon. It is only available via direct from the manufacturer to avoid cheap knockoffs and online scams. Most of the Blaux Portable AC scam rhetoric appears to all be centered upon slower than expected shipping times. The official Blaux Portable AC product page does allude to the slow shipping times, given both the intense demand of the personal air cooler as well as the current global pandemic mucking up the supply chains and shipping routes.

Is the Portable Blaux Mini AC Worth It?

The Blaux Portable AC provides a solution for many people who would otherwise be stuck in the heat, like students in older campus housing or apartment dwellers with weak cooling systems. Since the cooler is inconspicuous with almost no sound, no one will ever know its even being run, which is a big advantage for occupants with thin walls between themselves and their neighbors.

For consumers that already have their air conditioning ready for the summer, this cooler may not seem like a necessity, but it is a helpful device to have on hand if the power goes out or if outdoor activities are planned. Since Blaux offers a money-back guarantee, the opportunity to try out this product with zero-commitment is yet another advantage.

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