5 Android Weather Apps To Replace Dark Sky

5 Android Weather Apps To Replace Dark Sky
Photo : 5 Android Weather Apps To Replace Dark Sky

Dark Sky, previously a favorite weather app for both IOS and Android users alike was acquired by Apple in March of this year and since then, it has been discovered that the app is now pulling its support for the Android OS. 

This leaves a large number of users with the problem of needing to find a new weather app to suit their needs. Thankfully, there are a number of great options still available for Android that deserve the chance to amaze. 

In this article, you will be able to find the best weather app for you, whatever your needs may be.

1. ClimaCell

ClimaCell is breaking new ground in the weather app arena, by combining traditional methods of weather data collection with the use of cellular towers and connected technologies such as automobiles to provide an incredibly accurate picture of what is happening at all times. Users are able to adjust the app to suit their needs, making sure that it can be useful to everyone.

Along with the standard weather information, the app also provides information on the quality of the air, fires, and hazards on roads. Reliable weather data can be localized to a massive extent or spread across a wider range.

Get it on the Google Play Store today.

2. Overdrop

The beauty in the Overdrop app, similarly to the aforementioned Dark Sky, is in the simplicity of its design. All of the relevant information that you need takes center stage and can easily be found within the app.

A single page shows you the current weather conditions. Underneath that, you'll find information on the temperature, rainfall, and wind conditions. There's also an hourly forecast. 

In addition to these features, Overdrop also comes built-in with a 96-hour radar functionality, so you can see the weather systems as they form.

You can download it on the Google Play Store now.

3. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is the go-to app for those of you that have a deep love for meteorology and a thirst for vast information. There's a separate section related to news stories and the app comes filled with videos in a separate tab. Some of the adverts can be cumbersome at times, however, there is an ad-free subscription you can sign up for. 

More information is also available in the paid version such as air quality, outdoor conditions, and activities which allows you to see the safety of certain activities. You'll always know whether to pack that umbrella.

The app is currently available on the Google Play Store.


If you're looking for an airy, fun approach to weather reporting; then CARROT is the ideal app for you! The reason for this is that the app actually lets you customize the jokes and the overall experience to your own requirements, for example, you can make the app confrontational or light in tone and you can even add political ideologies to the bag of humor carried by the app.

You can easily flick from the daily forecast to the weekly forecast and non-intrusive adverts make for a lovely viewing experience. The premium version comes with extra widgets that allow for the viewing of historic weather data.

CARROT is currently available for download on the Google Play Store!

5. Hello Weather

Hello Weather is a weather app that can do a little bit of everything for you. The main bulk of the information you need is presented front and center for the day and the hourly forecast for the day can be found underneath and the forecast for the week can be found at the very bottom of the app. You can view more in-depth information by swiping through the app.

Radar is also available for a number of locations on the app and although it has previously run on the Dark Sky API, the developers have stated that they will be moving this to a new provider when support for Android ends.

You can download Hello Weather on the Google Play Store now!


In conclusion, whilst Android users may despair at the loss of Dark Sky on the Android OS; there is really no reason to be overly concerned about this. The reason for this being that there is a wealth of different, wonderful weather apps that can provide you with a wealth of information, whilst giving you an enjoyable experience whilst using their app.

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