How to Fix iPhone Error 4013?

By Staff Reporter , Jul 13, 2020 09:30 AM EDT

When you update iOS or restore device, you can face error 4013. This unpleasant crash is caused by iTunes which disconnects from your device. Another explanation is phone's inability to finish restore or update process due to internal breakdowns in the system. This issue is similar to iPhone stuck on Apple logo, which happens for similar reasons. These problems may happen because of software as well as hardware. In this article, you will find 5 working ways to fix 4013 error for your iPhone.

1. Force Restart & Reset

This way works if iTunes error 4013 is just a temporary glitch in software. To force restart your device, quickly press the volume up, after which do the same with volume down button. Next, press Power button and hold it until Apple logo appears, and enter passcode. After this, reset all settings. These steps should solve iPhone error 4013 and fix internal bugs in software, but it will also cause data loss. To save important information on iphone like messages or camera roll use other options. Please mind that this only works for minor breakdowns. For more advanced errors, you will need a specific software or service. 

2. Install Latest iTunes

As iPhone error 4013 is mostly a software problem, you might try installing latest iTunes version. Sometimes, crash happens because you have unsupported version. So, a simple software update will be a solution. Make sure that all apps are up-to-date and try again. Still, if you already have latest version, consider trying more advanced help. If a phone stuck on apple logo, that can be a sign of more serious bugs in system. They might be hard to fix on your own.

3. Change USB Cable

Sometimes, faulty cable may be a problem. If device shows error 4013, that may be a hardware problem which doesn't let iTunes connect with device. If cable is not working, computer and phone won't synchronize properly that might cause errors like iPhone stuck on restore screen. If cable is fine, check if USB slot works well. A broken slot may cause bad connection with phone. To be sure, you may check your computer or cable by connecting it to other devices to determine hardware problem. Remember that it's best to use the cables designed by iPhone to be on the safe side.

4. Check Computer Software

The problem may as well be in computer software, because Mac or PC can cause iPhone stuck in boot loop. This situation is annoying and needs immediate solution. Check updates for PC or Mac, as older versions of software, like operating system updates, may be a reason of many other problems. Still, in most cases, that may not help because of undefined internal errors. If you are unsure of what to do, try specialized software which finds as well as fixes all problems.

5. Use Dr.Fone iOS System Repair

Fixing errors by yourself can sometimes cause even more problems. That is why, fix iOS with help of Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS), which restores iPhone quickly and safely. This app helps to fix problems like boot loop, or nearly any existing software problem. One of Dr.Fone's main advantages is restoring without data loss. Sometimes, people lose all of their data like phone numbers, important messages, account details when they try to fix problems by themselves. That's why, we recommend using Dr.Fone - System Repair for fixing all possible iPhone errors.

This app comes with video tutorial which carefully explains how to fix issues and use repair window. There are plenty of other functions available, so you can fix iTunes error 4013, iPhone stuck on Apple logo, or others. Also, you can restore data prior to iPhone 4013 error solution. This app automatically detects your iOS device and version for later actions. For different device types as well as systems. Dr.Fone then scans iPhone for problems and helps to fix iOS system, which takes around 10 minutes. This is the best and fastest way to fix all possible errors.

There are many ways to solve the iPhone error 4013 problem. First, try rebooting device and resetting all functions. As an alternative, check if your computer software and iTunes have the latest version. Problem can also be in faulty USB cable. Still, when you try solving issues like iPhone error 14 by yourself, you can lose important data. There is another, safer option. Specialized software that is tailored for iPhone will help to solve many problems. Dr.Fone is one of the best options on the market with many functions that save information on your phone and fix not only 4013 error but all other iPhone issues.

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