IO Scout Review - What Features Will You Get?

IO Scout Review - What Features Will You Get?
Photo : IO Scout Review - What Features Will You Get?

There are countless software solutions for Amazon sellers available online, but how do you choose the best one that will ultimately live up to your expectations? Even though many solutions offer a variety of tools, sellers usually don't use them all, and they eventually figure out that they are paying for something they actually don't need. 

IO Scout is an all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers that includes the essential tools you will use, and for a fair price. If you are interested in finding out whether this software is the right fit for your business needs, read on.

IO Scout Features

IO Scout FBA Calculator

The FBA Calculator is a tool that will help sellers determine all fees related to the FBA selling model, as well as the Net Profit and Net Margin. That way, sellers will be able to prepare their budget for all costs related to this fulfillment model, estimate their possible profit, and choose the right product to sell with this Amazon method. 

This tool is available for free on the IO Scout website and application, and it's very simple for use. IO Scout FBA Calculator will automatically generate product dimensions, weight, and category based on the product's ASIN. That way, this feature will give you an insight into all fees related to that particular product. 

IO Scout Sales Estimator

The Sales Estimator is another free tool offered by IO Scout, directly on the IO Scout website. This feature gives you the ability to gauge the number of sales for a particular BSR within a specific category. That way, sellers can spy on their rivals, estimate sales for a specific BSR, and gauge how many sales they need to obtain in order to get to a particular BSR. Sellers can also calculate the BSR they can reach according to the number of sales.

Both BSR Estimator and Sales estimator reveal the products that are available for the most alike BSR considered. This allows you to access the IO Scout app directly and do further analysis of the item you're interested in. 

When you're considering whether to go for some product or not, don't just look at the number of sales. It's very important that you take into account factors such as competition, product rating, number of reviews, and the trends of that item within a given timeframe. 

IO Scout Product Finder

The Product Finder feature is a goods research tool that comprises more than 200 million Amazon items. It's renewed daily, so all the data about the products that this tool is providing is highly accurate.

With customizing filters, you can discover and track excellent product opportunities to sell on Amazon. IO Scout Product Finder includes filters such as:

  • Category
  • Price
  • Reviews
  • Rating
  • Rank
  • Revenue
  • Sales
  • Weight
  • Sellers
  • And many others.

You can also conduct your search based on the product's ASIN or title, and you have the ability to include or exclude specific keywords. That way, you will find the best product that matches your criteria. 

Advanced filters will allow you to narrow your search even more, and locate only oversized items, or those without the BuyBox. You can also look for FBA or FBM products specifically, or hunt down the products that are out of stocks but high in demand. 

All filter combinations can be saved, so you have quick access to the specific search criteria. 

When you discover a product that matches your desired criteria, you can bookmark it and follow its data fluctuations hourly to have easier access and more precise insight into the potential value of the item. This way, you will be able to make better strategic decisions on whether to go for the product or not. 

IO Scout Product Tracker

Product Tracker feature will keep all your product ideas in one convenient place. There is no need to hassle between countless tabs and apps. After you've bookmarked your item of interest, the IO Scout Product Tracker will display them all in a user-friendly, intuitive board. 

This tool also gives accurate data about goods, such as detailed reports about the diversity in the product's rank, reviews, and price over a specific timeframe. Intuitive graphs and charts will help you recognize and track the trends and develop an excellent pricing strategy. 

IO Scout Google Chrome Extension

With IO Scouts Amazon Chrome Extension, you will directly access the most crucial product data right on the Amazon web page. 

After you install and allow this extension in your Google Chrome, it will be ready for use on the category and search results and the product pages. 

Once you go to the product page, IO Scout will show you the data about that specific product, such as its name, ASIN, Category, BSR, rating, price, reviews, etc. You will also have access to data such as estimated revenue per product and month, FBA fees, and monthly sales volume.

Besides data about the chosen product, you will have access to suppliers from dozens of sources. 

IO Scout Keyword Scout

This feature will provide you with an insight into what potential customers are searching for on Amazon. You will be able to see which keywords are high in demand and what alternatives you can use to get a better ranking. 

Examine keywords, and find the ones that are accurately defining your product. Even though some keywords may seem like something that's not commonly typed, they may significantly increase your ranking position.

With IO Scout, you can save all of your keyword ideas for later, and use them when you're building and optimizing your listings.

IO Scout Listing Builder

The listing builder feature will help you create exceptional listings that will attract more leads and increase your profits. All bookmarked keywords will be present in your Listing Builder and will improve your listings in a preferably intuitive way. 

IO Scout Pricing Plans

Sellers can choose between the monthly and annual subscription for:

  • Startup plan - costs $22.5/mo

  • Seller plan - costs $32.5/mo

  • Business plan - costs $42.5/mo

If you prefer a monthly subscription, you will get a 25% IO Scout discount, while the yearly subscription has a 60% IO Scout discount. 

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