Fortnite Bug Allows Players to Revive Allies Instantly

In most battle royale games, players have the ability to revive their teammates giving them a second chance to get back at the player who shot or "killed| them.

However, reviving always takes time leaving yourself defenseless. But now you might have the chance to revive them instantly thanks to the latest Fortnite bug. The trick was shared by YouTuber OrangeGuy as noted in DBLTAP.

How to Use the Exploit

In the video shared by the YouTuber OrangeGuy, you can see how he manages to revive his teammates instantly:

  1. Have your teammate equip a pet backbling such as Ohm's Perch.
  2. If they are knocked, angle your crosshair above their backbling.
  3. The revive prompt should disappear and reappear once you line it up correctly.
  4. Simply tap the revive button right as the pop-up disappears and it should instantly revive your teammate.

Sooner or later, Epic Games will launch a patch update intending to fix this bug or you might as well take advantage of this cheat while it lasts.

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What's New in the latest Fortnite update 13.30

Aside from a few bug fixes, the latest update of Fortnite will include one of the most requested features to Battle Royale--vehicles!

That's right! According to a report from the, the update will launch on July 21 or July 22 and will feature up to 4 different classes of vehicles which also comprise of trucks, large cars, medium cars, and small cars having one or two unique styles per class.

If the leaks are to be believed, each car class will have varying levels of health, top speeds and fuel.

For instance, small vehicles are said to have 800 health and 100 fuel capacity. Although medium and large vehicles will have more health, their fuel consumption will burn faster than the small car and the truck will have the most health and lowest fuel consumption, but will also be slower and harder to handle compared to the rest.

Simply go to the nearest gas station to refuel. Who knows? You might find some interesting loot there. Just watch out for snipers when you're in the gas stations attempting to refuel.

Epic Games first hinted at the appearance of cars in the Season 3 release notes for update 13.00.

"Below the surface," reads an Epic post. "As time goes on and water recedes, even more locations will be uncovered. And as the roadways become more open, you'll discover new ways to get around."

Aside from the introduction of the vehicles, the leaks have also revealed more of Craggy Cliffs, among other locations.

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