Five Cool Smart Home Technology Trends

Five Cool Smart Home Technology Trends
Photo : Five Cool Smart Home Technology Trends

The smart home trend can mean different things to different people. For some it's connecting a speaker to a TV and, for others, it's connecting all appliances to a smart grid that allows for seamless integration. Want to hear more about how you can tap into the smart home trend that's sweeping the interior design world? Listen up as the following are five cool smart home technology trends.


The internet of things is revolutionizing every aspect of how we live our lives at home, with how we move about from one room to another being no exception. Lifton home lifts are becoming more and more popular with homeowners of all ages. Not only do they provide easy accessibility for those with limited mobility but they also enhance security and safety. And that's not to mention how much value they add when it comes to re-selling. Automated ramps are also ideal for those with limited mobility. 


Millions of people are adjusting to working remotely as a result of COVID-19. If you fall into that category and you're finding it hard to be productive, have you thought about smart gadgets that can help better your focus and output levels? Investing in a sit-stand laptop desk will help to prevent you from feeling fidgety and getting distracted. It will also prevent you from getting aches and pains as a result of staying in the one position for too long. A time tracking device is also a great way to be more mindful of your time and the tasks that you need to get done within your working day. 


The world of home entertainment is literally overflowing with smart tech. From smart TVs, projectors and monitors to streaming devices, soundbars, gaming pods and smart displays, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes gadgets. Have a gamer in your home? Things are advancing so rapidly as more games are starting to integrate voice recognition, face recognition, and gesture control. These big advancements mean there's always a new gadget with new or improved technology so this hobby can be an expensive one.


We're all trying to be a bit kinder to our environment so it makes sense that the green technology trend is increasing in popularity. Investing in a solar hot water heater, geothermal heat pumps, a wind turbine and a dual flush toilet are just some of the ways that you can big a big difference to your carbon footprint. Intelligent thermostats, smart power adaptors, smart sprinkler systems and automated lighting are also ideal upgrades to make if you want to live a greener lifestyle at home. 


Interactive, internet-connected devices are transforming our lives in every way. Smart mirrors and robot vacuum cleaners can connect to wireless kitchen appliances, lighting fixtures, automated blinds and heating appliances. Somewhere in the near future, most appliances and fixtures we use at home will be connected to the grid. Video doorbells are now the norm in protecting your property, making the things we use on a daily base will be connected with one another, allowing for easy integration and interconnectivity.

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