6 Effective Higher Education Marketing Strategies in 2020

6 Effective Higher Education Marketing Strategies in 2020
Photo : 6 Effective Higher Education Marketing Strategies in 2020

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word 'higher education'? Most people associate this word with academics or college. In essence, higher education is a business. And it's very competitive. Universities have to create a marketing plan to increase admissions and revenues. 

Thanks to the advancement of technology, most universities are shifting from traditional to digital marketing strategies. Technology has not only helped in marketing but also streamlining other academic activities to help teachers and students cooperate easily. Here are six effective higher marketing education strategies that you should embrace in 2020.

1. Use video ads

It's very difficult to get people to read your content today. People not only lead busy lives but also have a lot to read and process. Since most people are wired to associate school with pain and frustration, you should not expect to get more traffic or visitors like other entertainment or gossip websites. Instead of writing long posts, consider creating short interesting videos to get your message across.

A video saves time. Plus, it's one of the most effective ways to get more audiences. Let them know that they can access your content whenever they have time. If your video content is interesting and captivating, you'll increase traffic, enrollment, and revenue.

2. Less is more

In recent years, minimalism has taken over the world. Everywhere, we see simple fonts, muted colors, and a lack of design. While it may appear too plain, designers are needed today like never before. 

Simplicity of style has made it easy for universities to follow suit. Less design will allow you to focus on the emotions of your audiences and connect with them. Storytelling is one of the best techniques to use together with this marketing strategy.

3. Encourage online learning

Students are shifting to online learning because of their full-time jobs or distance from the learning institution. No matter the reason, online learning is one of the best alternatives in our modern world. 

College students can use online platforms and  Eduzaurus to read essay samples, complete their essays and assignments on time and get good grades. 

Universities that don't have enough professors to support the current demand, should not advertise their online programs until everything is on point on their end. An online program is an effective long-term program that should be brought to life when you are ready. Your goal should be perfecting your online programs as you progress.

4. Move to mobile platforms

Digital marketing strategies are rapidly transforming the education sector. Every university should have an aim to have an online presence. Some colleges have begun using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to get a larger audience. Since most universities target transfer and high school students, it's important to know which platforms they like using and ensure that they see you.

Apart from social media, your website should be mobile-friendly. If visitors click on your ads, they should be taken to a mobile-styled design. It should be simple and efficient. You should consider hiring a designer to help you achieve this goal. You should keep up with the changes in the tastes and preferences of different generations to capture a larger market.

5. Immersive learning

Technology is advancing and changing the world. Educational departments using immersive learning will capture a larger market because it's the next big thing. Adopting it as soon as you can might mean the difference between being an inventor and slow progress.

6. Provide online tours

This is an idea that most universities have not implemented yet. Since some students will not afford to visit prospective colleges due to a variety of reasons, online tours will save them time and energy. You can use this technology to map out the entire learning institution.


The marketing strategies you choose to adopt will greatly determine how you perform in the long run. Therefore, it's important to track your efforts regularly to ensure that you are moving toward your goals. When you start measuring your efforts, you'll start seeing and understanding patterns of the platforms that you'll be using. 

And this will help you make accurate predictions. You can also change the branding of your learning institution to capture a larger market. Having a clear concrete plan will make it easier for you to execute it and achieve your goals. With six effective strategies, you have all it takes to move to the next level.


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