Finding Affordable Tech Equipment for Your Business

By Eric Hamilton , Jul 24, 2020 12:22 PM EDT
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Businesses are more reliant than ever on technology. It's practically impossible to run a successful business without a computer, website, social media channels, and more. The problem is all of the tech equipment you need to run your modern business isn't cheap. If you're looking for a way to keep your business up the latest tech trends, without spending a fortune, here are some tips for finding affordable tech equipment.

Look Online

Since you need modern technology, looking online is the most logical place to start. There are dozens of websites that can help you get the tech equipment you need at an affordable price. The first place you can start your search is with one of the large retail chains. Sites like Amazon and eBay have tons of tech items for sale, often at a discount. This is especially true if you don't mind buying the item used. 

After trying those two sites, you can try websites that have a bit more of a local focus. Head over to Craigslist and visit the page for your location. On there, you'll sell a For Sale section, where you can browse through and see if anything you need is for sale. Another option is to use Facebook. In many areas there are groups dedicated to helping people in that area buy and sell things. Find a local swap group from your area, then either see what others are selling or post a request of what you're looking for.

Finally, you can also try websites that are geared towards specific types of products. For example, if you need large machinery equipment at a discount, you could use a site like The best thing you can do in this situation is to head to a search engine and search for the type of equipment you're looking for. 

Local Tech Stores

Of course, you don't have to buy your tech products online. The other option is to head to a local store in your area. You could visit one of the larger chains, like BestBuy, or find a local tech shop. There may be a shop in your area that specializes in buying and selling used equipment, which would be a great place to start. You can also try tech repair shops, as they may have some leftover equipment there are looking to sell. 

Garage Sales

To go even more local, you can hit up any local garage sales. People are often looking to get rid of their older equipment, even though it works just fine. You may not be able to furnish an entire office space with the latest technology by shopping at garage sales, but if you just need a basic computer or two, this is a solid option. If you can, test out anything that you need to get before you buy it, or at least make sure the current owner is willing to take it back if it doesn't work. 

Look for Discounts

Whenever you need to buy tech equipment, you'll want to get as much of a discount as you can. For starters, whether you're shopping for tech gear online or in-person, you should try to shop at the right time of year. If you can shop around the holidays, you can often score significant discounts that will save your business a lot of money. Most businesses will have some sort of sale during the winter months, while some larger retailers like Amazon will even go as far as to invent their own holiday season during the Summer. Of course, your business can't always wait for the next big sale, but try to time it as best you can.

Besides this, you can also look for other discounts online. For example, you can use the online tool Honey, which will automatically find any available promo codes for you. Before you buy anything, it doesn't hurt to type the retailer + "promo code" into a search engine and see what you find.

Only Buy What You Need

Finally, the last keep to affording new tech equipment is to get exactly what you need. If your business only plans on doing some basic spreadsheets and word processing, you don't need the latest and greatest computer. On the other hand, if you have a lot of printing and graphic design to do, you'll want top-notch computers, monitors, and printers. Think about what your business's needs are, then only spend as much as you need to meet those requirements.

Tech equipment is necessary these days, but it doesn't have to bankrupt you. With a little time put into your shopping choices, and a willingness to not get everything brand new, you can save a considerable amount. You can then bring your business up to modern times, while still staying inside your budget.

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