How Appy Pie AppMakr Helps You Create the Perfect Push Notifications

How Appy Pie AppMakr Helps You Create the Perfect Push Notifications
Photo : How Appy Pie AppMakr Helps You Create the Perfect Push Notifications

Push notifications are an essential part of mobile apps. Having a good app is just not good enough. You need to keep getting your users back to the app and ensure that they use your app regularly. However, on testing hundreds of apps,  we're surprised to notice that most apps still ignore using push notifications to their advantage.

With no-code mobile application development software like Appy Pie AppMakr that makes sending push notifications easier, ignoring them is a poor idea for a business. We'll learn more about Appy Pie and its wonderful software later. First let's learn what push notifications are and why you should send push notifications through your app.

What is a Push Notification?

Push notifications are small one-line messages that can reach your users anytime, anywhere. Push notifications can be used for various functionalities. From advertising and marketing your upcoming product to just reminding your users of how awesome your app is. Push notifications are a great way to stay in touch with your users.

Push notifications are currently the best way to market your business and your brand to your customers. According to several researches, push notifications have a very high conversion rate - around 40%. Push notifications appear in the notification bar or the lock screen of a smartphone and are like mini text messages.

However, unlike text messages, push notifications are meant to be one-liners and must fit in the notification area. The text that you put in a push notification must be accurate and to the point.

How to Create a Good Push Notification

You can find detailed blogs on how to write the perfect push notification but let's take a short detour from our blog topic and understand what makes a push notification good. Here's how you write the perfect push notification:

  • Actionable information: Your push notification should be clear. Only send notifications when you actually have information to share. Random push notifications can get annoying and users will uninstall your app if they don't like it.

  • Personalization: Your push notifications should be personalized for each user. You are most likely tracking a user's app patterns. Make use of it, and create a good push notification for each user or target group. It may be time consuming but you have a higher chance of converting such users.

  • CTV: CTV or Call to Value can make a good push notification great. For example, "Get a 50% discount on your next purchase. Claim your coupon now!". The phrase 'Claim your coupon now' acts as a reminder to the user that this particular offer is good for them. They're more likely to convert on such prompts.

  • Concise information: Last but not the least, keep your notifications short and sweet. Don't try to overdo it, simply provide quick, clear, and concise information.

Benefits of a Push Notification

There are many benefits of creating push notifications. In no particular order, here are the best ones:

  • Enhanced Interaction: Push notifications allow brands to interact with users better. They can even increase their interactions with their users and accurately gauge what they want.

  • User freedom: Push notifications are voluntary. This means that users can deactivate them if they want. While that may sound like a drawback, it is actually positive since you will only need to send push notifications to users that are actually interested in your brand and product.

  • Location-Specific: Push notifications can be designed to be sent based on a specific location. This helps you localise your push notifications to push up your conversion rates. For example, a ticket booking app can send notifications marketing discount coupons for a local attraction where a user is based.

  • Increased engagement: A company's success is directly proportional to how well they interact with their customers. Push notifications help you improve your communication with your customers.

How Appy Pie AppMakr Makes Sending Push Notifications Easier

Usually, when you create an app, you need to buy specialised software that you can then integrate with your app to send push notifications. These software are usually expensive and offer a limited number of notifications. In addition, they might not work with the app you've created.

However, Appy Pie AppMakr can make it easy for you. It is a no-code app building software that lets you create complete and independent mobile apps from scratch without coding. It's such an intuitive software that people who have no coding knowledge can end up creating incredible apps from scratch.

Coming to the push notifications aspect, Appy Pie provides near unlimited push notifications for your app. Once you create an app, you can log into your Appy Pie account and open up its intuitive push notification dashboard. The dashboard allows you to customize and create your push notification then and there and also allows you to send it almost instantaneously. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to dispatch push notifications whenever you need to.

The dashboard allows you to create all types of push notifications. It covers informative notifications, promotional notifications, reminder notifications, geolocational notifications, catch-up notifications, trivia notifications, and more!

Appy Pie AppMakr allows you to do two things with the same account. It lets you create an app from scratch and also use the same account for sending push notifications. This makes Appy Pie an excellent value platform for businesses looking to create and launch new apps. Do consider checking it out.


The importance of push notifications will keep rising with time. As more and more apps are being used by smartphone users, they will become more important. The more you can attract the user to use your app, the more likely that your business retains them.

Not only that, no code app builders like Appy Pie are also on a rise. In fact, almost 60% of app development will move to no-code over the next decade. It is a great time to hop on the bandwagon of no-code app development. 

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