Sworkit's Youth Initiative Makes Physical Education Easier for Distance Learning

The 2020 to 2021 school year is quickly approaching, and schools across the country are actively working to identify tools and resources to support distance learning. 

Sworkit's Youth Initiative is providing a no-cost solution for educators around the world. It is committed to providing physical educators and teachers with free technology to support their teaching efforts.

What is Sworkit's Youth Initiative?

Sworkit is an app that guides users through exercise. It allows users to stay in shape without having to go to the gym. 

It is designed like a music player, said Young. "If you come across an exercise move that you can't quite get or that's a little bit hard for you, you can just skip it," Young added.

Meanwhile, the Youth Initiative is a program targeted at kids and educators to make physical education easier. This app especially makes physical education easier for distance learning. 

The mission is to "make a positive and long-lasting impact on children's exercise and nutrition habits," as stated on their website.

"We like to get kids to be physically active," said Greg Coleman, President of Sworkit, during the initiative's launch.

Sworkit believes that helping kids develop a healthy habit at a young age is vital. "These healthy kids are more likely to turn into healthy adults," said Ben Young, CEO of Sworkit.

Use of Sworkit throughout the country

More than 9,000 schools have received free Sworkit access to help their students engage in physical activity. Ten of the top 20 school districts throughout the U.S. have free Sworkit access. More than six million students worldwide can now participate in a virtual, synchronous learning environment. Responses from teachers and students have been overwhelmingly positive. 

What educators and experts think

Educators are reworking their curriculum to accommodate the possibility of blended or remote learning. Sworkit gives schools free access, which allows educators to use this tool without worrying whether or not their budget will accommodate and without having to pay anything out of their own pockets.

"The girls loved it. It was interactive. The technology piece was great. So, it's a good thing that I can integrate into my P.E. curriculum," said Richelle James, Physical Education Teacher at the District of Columbia public schools.

According to Becky Johnson, Executive Director of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, "kids can have access at home and at school, making it simple for educators to incorporate it into the classroom or parents to incorporate it at home." Johnson added that "the great part about it is it's not just exercise; it's fun."

Learn more about Sworkit from this video

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