Logically Launches AI- and People-Driven News and Fact Checking App to Bring Validity and Credibility to U.S. Election News and Information

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Logically, an established social enterprise bringing credibility and confidence to news and social discourse, today launched its Logically app in the U.S., enabling users to receive personalized, verified, and in-depth information on any storyline in order to restore digital trust. With the widespread and divisive use of misinformation so prevalent in the world today, Logically created the app to empower readers by providing credible and contextualized news, while cutting out toxic claims and sources, in advance of the U.S. elections.

Accredited by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), the company combines multiple artificial intelligence (A.I.) models with the world's largest team of expert fact-checkers aligned to areas of expertise to research, digest and provide context to a storyline. The Logically app organizes news from more than 100,000 sources into story clusters, analyzing all content related to that specific story to provide a holistic view. The app will be continually evolving, with market-first updates coming in the next several weeks. 

"The idea for Logically came after witnessing the political polarization that now surrounds global elections, with campaigns using highly targeted and often misleading social media advertising to aid their campaigns," said Lyric Jain, founder and CEO of Logically. "It was clear that the public both needed and wanted access to credible information they could reliably use to inform their decisions."

The fluid, easy-to-navigate app features a clean design and leads with scrollable and fact-checked trending storylines with veracity verdicts. For every storyline, there is a detailed and objective summary provided by the editorial team, "perspective" articles from different news sources to provide a complete view, key players listed with click-through profiles, and a timeline of events for the storyline, along with related articles for each date. Any fact or image from any story, from inside or outside the app, can also be individually fact-checked by readers, and storylines and verdicts are shareable through social platforms and chat apps.

The How: Technology that Logically "Gets It"

Logically uniquely utilizes multiple A.I. models, alongside natural language processing to understand and analyze text. Reviewing more than 500,000 articles per day, the technology evaluates every possible indicator of an article's accuracy, as well as the specific claims contained within the text, to inform more sophisticated conclusions than rival models. Logically technology consists of a three-pronged analysis, including network, content and meta-data, to reach its conclusions. 

Logically continues to work with government bodies and social platforms in Asia and EMEA, coinciding with the app launch in the U.S. During the 2019 India general election and the U.K. election, Logically was able to identify unreliable information and sources, including bots and bad actors. Thousands of storylines and accounts were flagged. Logically has also supported U.K. and Indian public sector partners and law enforcement since March with identifying COVID related information threats to public safety and national security. 

"Over the last several years, we have worked with government bodies and social platforms in multiple countries to validate information and help provide more transparent elections. Entering the U.S. market in the lead-up to November is a natural and important next step," said Jain. 

The company last month launched its first consumer tool into the U.S., the Logically Chrome browser extension that fact checks, analyzes, and evaluates the credibility of online articles and comments on social platforms, downloadable here. The Logically app is now available in the Apple and Android app stores. 

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