SUBtember Is Back! A Chance for You to Earn Savings as You Champion Your Favorite Creators

SUBtember is back! In its fourth year, the month-long event offers subscription discounts, apart from the exclusive perks. 

The SUBtember promotion offer begins on September 1 at 1 p.m. and will be good through September 30, 2020, for all sub tiers on Capital One sponsors this year's SUBtember. 

"We're celebrating both the streamers...and viewers that make this community so vibrant," Twitch said in its announcement.

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SUBtember Is Back

SUBtember: the more you suport, the more you save

For the whole month of September, viewers get a chance to support their favorite creators while earning discounts on subscriptions at the same time. On top of a regular monthly subscription, viewers can further support streamers through multi-month subscription bundles. Subscribers can choose between three- and six-months bundles that are available in the checkout flow.    

How it goes is, when a viewer subscribes at any tier, he or she will get:

  • 20% off the first month of a new recurring 1-month subscription.

  • 25% off the first 3 months of a new recurring 3-month subscription. 

  • 30% off the first 6 months of a new recurring 6-month subscription.

How does that help your favorite creators?

When you subscribe for three to six months at a time, creators get to project better the level of support that they will get over a certain period. And that ensures that viewers still get served with content that they have always loved.

Moreover, streamers will continue to receive each subscription's full value despite the generous discounts given to subscribers. Plus, viewers can subscribe to as many channels as they wish during the SUBtember promotion. 

What is a Twitch subscription?

A twitch subscription allows a viewer to support his or her favorite channel on a consistent basis. Subscribers pay a minimum monthly fee of $4.99 either on a recurring or one-time basis. Multiple tiers are also available for those who want to provide more support to their favorite creators: $9.99 and $24.99. 

In turn, subscribers get rewarded with exclusive perks, including: 

  • Access to custom emotes that can be used across all of Twitch. 

  • A subscriber badge that upgrades the longer one stays subscribed. 

  • Channel points multiplier that earns subscribers extra Channel Points as they watch.

  • Ad-free viewing in select channels.

  • Exclusive subscriber-only benefits, such as sub-only games, sub-only streaming, Q&A, sub-only chat rooms, and other benefits that streamers may offer only for subscribers.

  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 subscribers can also enjoy additional emotes, emote modifiers and Badge Flair.

Viewers can get the discount by logging into Twitch and clicking the Subscribe button on their favorite streamers' channel pages. Alternatively, they can go to They can search and explore all the channels they are already following.

Now for some fine prints. 

  • Discounts apply only to the first term of a new, recurring paid subscriptions, or conversion of existing Prime or gift subscriptions to paid subscriptions. 

  • Discounts are not applicable to existing recurring subscriptions; to Prime or gift subscriptions that are not being converted to paid; or to new single gift, community gift, team, or custom subscriptions. 

  • Offer is not available on Twitch mobile apps

  • Promo ends on September 30, 2020, at 11:59 pm PT.

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