Doom Eternal's First Expansion to Come on October 20th

Doom Eternal's First Expansion to Come on October 20th
Doom Eternal's First Expansion to Come on October 20th Photo :

Doom Eternal's latest expansion, The Ancient Gods: Part One, is coming two months from now. What could the people in id Software be up to this time? How do they plan to continue Doomguy's bloody adventure?

Doom Eternal or Doom 2016? Which one's better?

Right off the bat, both the original and its sequel are actually good. Doom 2016 laid the foundation of what a modern FPS game should be.

Yeah, not many cared about the backstory and lore, though I personally found it intriguing to say the least. You can literally breeze through the stages (at least on their easiest difficulty) to finish the game without putting too much attention on why our Doom Marine got on Mars.

The game, aside from a massive overhaul of its graphics, further improved what we've loved about most Doom games. Fan-favorite weapons were given a hi-res makeover. They were also given alternative functions that you can select based on your gameplay. The enemies also have better AI and the stages require the player to do some extensive exploration.

There were many in-game secrets hidden across the maps. Though some won't really influence the game directly, for completionists, having the entire Doom figurines looks really good.

So how did Doom Eternal respond to this? Well, it went quite the opposite way.

Enemies are much faster and more dangerous. Traps abound in almost every corner and if you're not fast enough, you might want to go back to the game's main menu and dial down the difficulty. Doom Eternal also relies on platforming. Heavily. For example, the addition of the Meat Hook to our beloved shotgun made it possible to grab hold of enemies. However, it also works the other way around. You can launch yourself towards that far floating piece of structure by lunging at multiple enemies in quick succession.

Demons also have differing weaknesses to certain weapons. Since ammo is quite scarce, you can't really easily plasma-rifle your way to beating cacodemons. Doom 2016 gave Doom Slayer the chance to mess around in one Mars research facility and in some levels of Hell. Eternal takes it further.

You're going to be like Captain Kirk and have your own Doom Fortress to travel across the solar system. Talk about killing demons in outer space. These give Doom Eternal quite a different feel than its predecessor. Love it or hate it, one thing's for sure. You're still going to play it.

Doom Eternal Ancient Gods: Part 1

So, after killing that really huge demon on Earth and calling it a day, where does our favorite Doom Marine go? Not much is known yet but based from the trailer, it looks like his intervention led to an imbalance between Heaven and Hell.

So how does Doom Marine plan to clean up his mess? What could be the only way to fix this? Of course, you need to kill more demons (and possibly angels). Oh, and those Marauders are back again. You might even fight two at the same time. Just putting it there in advance if in case you had a hard time the first time you fought one.

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