COVID-19: Why Cloud Faxing Matters to Remote Teams

COVID-19: Why Cloud Faxing Matters to Remote Teams
Photo : COVID-19: Why Cloud Faxing Matters to Remote Teams

It is no secret that COVID-19 has frustrated almost all businesses in one way or another. In the interest of keeping employees safe, most companies have had to embrace remote working for their workforce. Companies have had to create new environments to support their business efforts through innovative work-at-home initiatives. This includes investing in tools that make collaboration possible.

While many companies expect to return to normal in-office work once a long-term solution to the COVID-19 pandemic is found, remote work may become the new normal for many others. In fact, 72 percent of surveyed employees said they would be hesitant to return to in-office work after businesses open back up, according to an article on As long as your business approaches remote work correctly, these statistics should play out in your favor.

In order to support your team both during and after the pandemic, it's important to have the right tools for remote working. Cloud faxing is one of the solutions that many businesses have embraced during these tough times to ensure smooth communication, document sharing, and collaboration for their workforce. 

Here is how investing in cloud faxing can be beneficial to your remote team:

All Employees Can Use Cloud Faxing

While faxing documents to employees is an essential part of daily operations, it simply isn't feasible to equip every employee with a fax machine. It is also quite costly to run these machines, even in just a few locations. There is cost to purchase paper and ink, as well as the costs for repairs and maintenance services.

On the flip side, most cloud faxing providers have a free fax app from which employees can access shared documents. The apps are easy to use and compatible with multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Fax API, etc.). Given that smartphones are practically a necessity in today's world, communicating with other employees and sharing documents is made easier with cloud faxing solutions. It's perfect for teams working remotely. 

Enjoy Better Document Control

While sending email attachments can sometimes be effective in sharing workplace documents, emails can be easily compromised. Emails can also erroneously find their way into the spam folder, which can cripple time-sensitive business operations. Sending multiple documents via email also makes document management a hassle. There is a better solution for document control.

With cloud faxing, you can easily organize documents on your cloud fax folders. Most cloud faxing providers offer cloud storage for your documents. Some are also integrated with popular cloud storage solutions, making it easy to share documents directly from them. You can also use your fax portal to view incoming and outgoing faxes. 


As your business grows, so do your business needs. For instance, if your business grows its customer base, employees will need to increase operations as well. Having a faxing solution that covers your increased needs is essential.

It can be quite frustrating for your employees to experience lags when sharing time-sensitive documents, especially if your current faxing solution doesn't meet demand. You can quickly scale down or ramp up your needs as required with an online faxing solution.

Easy To Use

Since you may have a largely remote workforce now, training them to use new tools can be a challenge. Ideally, you need solutions that are simple and straightforward to use. For most cloud faxing solutions, employees will get an account or interface from where they can send and receive documents.


Your workforce can also access walk-throughs and tutorials to help them get set up. Another helpful benefit is digital signing. With this technology, team members do not need to print out documents in order to sign them. Most solutions have the option of signing a digital copy of your document before sending it out. Customer support from your cloud faxing provider also makes solving issues easy. 


As your team works remotely, they should be able to seamlessly conduct daily tasks and collaborate with each team member, just as they did in the office. Choosing cloud faxing solutions ensures reliable collaboration and document management, while supporting your business continuity plan.

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