Slow Wifi? Improve Internet Speed With These Troubleshooting Tips

Slow WiFi
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Slow WiF? No one wants it. However, at one time or another, we will experience a slow WiFi connection. Before you go knocking on your service provider's door for help, there are things that you can do to get it fixed fast.

6 Ways to fix slow WiFI

Here are some things to try first to fix your slow WiFi before you call your service provider.

Allow it to rest

We all need a break, even technology. The modem is responsible for translating signals between your computer network and your ISP. Meanwhile, the router directs the data and makes communication between the devices pssible. There will be times that giving them a quick power cycle will fix the issue with your internet signal. 

Change router position

The router's position can affect the speed of your connection. WiFi signals tend to weaken when there are obstructions such as walls and electronics. Thus, sometimes, simply relocating the router can help give your WiFi's speed a boost.

Ideally, your router should be placed in an area close to the center of your house. You also need to put it in a high and open area; away from obstructions that can interfere with the signal. To be sure, put the router at least 10 feet away from electronics. If you happen to live an multi-level house, place your router on the top floor.

Switch channel

Like the TV, your WiFi router has channels too. Like conventional TVs of old, sometimes neighboring WiFi networks can interfere with your own. Thus, to fix this, you can change your WiFi network's channel to see which frequency is less congested.

Experts say that channels 1, 6, and 11 are the most common channels in the 2.4GHz spectrum. If none of the channels worked, then try other channels from 2 through 10. If you have a 5GHz option router then you have more channels to choose from.

There are applications you can use to analyze the wireless signal in your area and see which channels are the busiest. If you are using a Mac computer, you can click the WiFi icon the select Open Wireless Diagnostics to see the wireless channels in your area.

Update Firmware

Your router might already need an update. Check the manufacturer's website to see if you can find an updated firmware. Often, a simple system update fixes a slow WiFi connection.

Another thing. If it has been years since you bought your router, chances are it is already outdated. Older routers, five years or more, are less likely to support higher internet speeds. Hence, check the router's specs to see if it meets your ISP requirements.

WiFi repeaters

Consider using WiFi repeaters. WiFI repeaters or extenders amplifies your WiFi signal by rebroadcasting the signal to extend its range and speed. Experts say the repeaters are more effective compared to high-gain antennas albeit more expensive.

Weed out unauthorized connections

Not all internet users care a lot about making their network secure. If you are one of them, then it is time to rethink. Leaving your network open and unsecured not only puts your personal data at risk but can slow your connection down. You need to make sure that no unauthorized users are accessing your internet data to download or stream massive files.

To fix this, you can log in to your router's admin page. Once you are in, choose WPA2 as your encryption method and select a passphrase for your security code. Remember to only share the passphrase with those you trust.


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