Which DIY Home Security System is Right for You?

Which DIY Home Security System is Right for You?
Photo : Which DIY Home Security System is Right for You?

First of all, let's make it clear what a DIY home security system is. It's not a system that you can make at home and you actually have to buy it. 

So, why is it called a DIY home security system then? 

It's because you can install it on your own, without having to pay for an installation fee or have technicians come to your home to get the job done. You can move it around easily and you can even remove it without any damage. 

Choosing the best DIY home security system can be a little bit tricky with so many options available out there, so here I will share with you some of the most popular ones that will help you decide which security system is the right one for you. 


When you google for a DIY home security system, SimpliSafe is the option that appears first at all searches. They offer a vast number of packages and equipment and give you the chance of cellular monitoring. The costs for professional monitoring are inexpensive.

If you are looking for a DIY home security system that doesn't require tools for installation and won't take you more than half an hour, this is the perfect one for you. It's the ideal choice for renters, frequent movers and homeowners.


Abode is one of the top picks when it comes to a home security system. People love it because it offers the chance of both self-monitoring and professional monitoring. If you do the monitoring through a mobile app, they won't charge you any money. Moreover, it's really easy to set it up on your own and it's one of the best budget-priced options that there are currently on the market. 


If you are looking for a DIY home security system that offers video doorbells and cameras, ring is one of the options that you should seriously consider. Its price is quite affordable even when it comes with additional security kits. Wait for some holidays if you want to get a discount because that's usually the time when they give one.

Blue by ADT

The features that Blue has to offer will take you aback. The basic kits include a video doorbell, not one security camera but two and an optional sensor. The camera can do a facial recognition, has a local storage and the next level feature- it has zones that have custom motion detection.

You can wirelessly connect it to your smart home equipment effortlessly with no help from a professional. One of the best features of its indoor camera is that it can double as a carbon monoxide and fire detection.

What's the best DIY home security system for me?

Before you make your pick, consider the pricing, the installation, the monitoring type, the equipment and of course the trial period. Shopping for this kind of system requires some research, so make sure that you find the best deal for you. I hope that we have lent you a hand and that we have guided you in the right direction.

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