Main Benefits of Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Main Benefits of Email Marketing for Small Businesses
Photo : Main Benefits of Email Marketing for Small Businesses

The benefits of email marketing are usually not very clear to newly established business owners. Only a few marketers know how important and notable lead building strategies can be when used exclusively through email marketing. 

The statistics around emails are 105 billion sent emails each day, with the number only increasing every day. Moreover, the recent splurge in the use of emojis in emails (even professional emails) has helped garner the interest of Millennials, otherwise solely relying on text-based communications. 

And a smart business person, however new in the business, can think of more than a few ways to use these numbers to her/his benefit/. But what is email marketing?

Email marketing

The sending of commercial messages to leads, inquiries, probable and assured customers, or to a target audience with the intent of building lucrative leads and finding customers is known as email marketing. 

The whole process could consist of visual, written, informative, or promotional content, subscribed newsletters, advertisements, and coupons or codes to solicit sales. 

Saying which, the benefits of email marketing can help you along your marketing journey. 

Hence, here are is a list of benefits always to keep insight:

Build, retain and manage

By using the right email marketing automation service, you can come across people sharing an interest in your niche. You can nurture their interest and build your optimal audience. 

As you find your target audience, you can gather insights about their inclinations, browser search trends, and cart information. Hence, you can use this to recommend products that match their preferences and thus build a sense of understanding with your email contacts or leads. 

The next part is to feed the right content and advertisement to these leads and manage your leads to ensure sales. 

An outstanding service like eSputnik can help you do all this and much more. eSputnik, an omnichannel marketing automation service, allows you to grow your sales using advanced email marketing strategies. Hence, you can easily, and with great simplicity, build your list of loyal and trusting contacts, which you can maintain using expert email marketing strategies, and help increase your business efficiency. 

You can also use their other services and launch SMS, Viber, web push, and mobile push notification campaigns. You can use these benefits for online stores, eCommerce businesses, etc. by triggering emails, product recommendations, and helping manage abandoned online carts!

Build credibility and brand awareness

Email marketing is a very simple form of marketing and helps you build a loyal audience that you can easily stay in contact with and manage. But in turn, the benefits are much more far-reaching and profound. 

One such benefit of email marketing is to build credibility and secure brand awareness or recognition. 

To help your emails reach the inbox folder of your target audience, you will need to guarantee that the audience has first voluntarily agreed to receive the emails. Asking for email subscriptions clearly and boldly in an opt-in email box can help your audience have more faith in you than you randomly spamming their emails by sending sketchy emails that have information about your audience's web history. 

Use this to your advantage and frame every single word of your email to impress, beginning right from the subject line. 

Email marketing can also help you create brand recognition by sending expertly curated content that is informative and gripping. As your audience comes across content that makes them feel more aware of the particular and has a catchy line for call-of-action, your email clickthrough rate will soar in mere days. Hence, it will also establish you as a subject matter expert! 

Build customer engagement

Social media marketing is gaining a lot of attention because conversing with the right audience is highly simple using social media platforms. Why not use the same tactic in email marketing, too?

The bonus point of using two-way conversations in email marketing is that despite the ease of communication, the email conversations have a sense of sophistication. Pay attention to customer trends and formulate email responses in a way that they feel like the ultimate acknowledgment of all inquiries.  

Your potential leads will think that you specially curated the exact response for their benefit. While you really can curate individual responses, there is no harm in sending the same responses to countless other potential customers who will love the answer too! 

You can use tools to file in the individual names and email address while the conversation matter remains the same. Though adding a bit of further customized touch to each email response can pose no harm either and also appeal to individual lead on a personal level! 

Build links to your marketing platforms 

All marketing forms are to ensure that your audience comes across the right content and ultimately passes through the sales funnel and comes out as a paying customer. While your email marketing strategies can be quite efficient in what they do, you can build links to your other marketing platforms using email marketing

Hence, this will ensure that your audience will always have something to think about and will ultimately become customers. 

You can begin by adding links to your blogs and social media handles so that you increase customer engagement. Your audience will use the platform they are the most comfortable using, and hence, you can assure a long-term engagement. 

You can also add links to your YouTube videos and your website, add product placements, or links to your online store or eCommerce website to increase traffic. The more traffic, the merrier you!

Build call to action emails

As mentioned earlier, emails are a much more personal and customized channel of communication as compared to blogs and social media platforms. As you send the specific call to action emails, your leads will get more excited about it and get on the action!

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