Top 6 reasons why Zen Flowchart is the best flowchart maker

Top 6 reasons why Zen Flowchart is the best flowchart maker
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Your best bet for creating a professional-looking flowchart is to use a flowchart making software. However, it's important to note that there are lots of flowchart makers on the internet today, and almost all of them claim to be the best.

For a business owner or a team leader who has never used one before, it can be hard making a choice amid this pool of flowchart makers.

But we're here to tell you there is one that stands out from the competition. And it's, by far, the best flowchart maker in the industry.

They call it Zen Flowchart. And below are a number of reasons why we feel it's the best flowchart maker around.

It is the simplest to operate

The first and the most exciting feature that stands Zen flowchart out from the competition is the simplicity of its operation. With just a few taps on the screen, you have your flowchart.

Once you create a workspace for the chart you want to make, all you have to do next is to simply click on the workspace (the part of your screen showing the space) to start creating nodes.

You don't have to worry about connecting these nodes because that's what the software's smart connectors are for. Your job is just to make a few taps on the screen (workspace), and voila, you have a chart staring at you.

Trusted by many top brands

If it wasn't the best, why would brands like Apple, Google, Spotify, and ATLASSIAN want to associate with it?

The fact that Zen flowchart receives recognition and endorsement from top brands like the ones mentioned above goes to show that there is indeed something special about it.

Indeed, not too many flowchart makers in the industry can boast of enjoying such a degree of acceptance from the world's leading brands.

If Google and Apple could endorse Zen flowchart for their business operations, I see no reason why you shouldn't.

A myriad of ready-to-use flowchart templates

Why go through the stress of drawing a new chart when you can pick from Zen flowchart's amazing inventory? In a bid to make flowcharting easy for everyone, Zen flowchart creator has incorporated several professionally-designed flowchart templates with their product.

Simply choose the flowchart template that best suits your project, and customize it to suit your needs.

Automatic update of published flowcharts

Once you create a flowchart with a flowchart maker, the next thing is always to publish the chart so that other parties involved in the operation can also access it.

On most flowchart makers, this is a pretty tedious exercise, as you have to navigate through several icons before reaching where you'll publish your chart.

With the "publish" feature on the tool, you're just a single click away from sharing your flowchart with every intended user.

Perhaps in the future, you decide to edit, format, or update an already shared flowchart, the Zen flowchart software will not only effect this change on the document you've worked on, but it will also update the previously shared documents automatically.

A multiplicity of flowcharting options

Another good point scored by Zen flowchart is in the aspect of the number of flowcharting options that are made available to users.

Generally speaking, any flowchart maker should have a system designed to create a diagrammatical representation of processes using nodes, rectangles, and other relevant shapes.

But what happens when the process you're trying to describe cannot be represented using nodes and shapes?

You become stuck!

Luckily for you, the creator of Zen flowchart saw this one coming.

In order to cater to those complex business processes which may not be easily represented using diagrams, the creator of Zen flowchart decided to create a system capable of creating variations of flowcharts, from process flowchart to process maps, process flow diagram to workflow chart, workflow diagram to swimlane flowchart, and everything else in between.

Smooth integration with other digital tools

When you create a flowchart, it's obviously because you want to show it to your colleagues, employees, or people connected with a given business operation.

Now, what happens when these people are thousands of leagues away from you?

Simply find a way of sharing the chart with them. Luckily for you, Zen flowchart has a smooth integration system that allows users to insert charts directly into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and many more, from which point they can forward them to anywhere they want.

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