Xbox Series X: Generational Leap in Visual Fidelity and Processing Power

Xbox Series X
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Xbox Series X will be available on the 10th of November. However, the pre-orders will start on the 22nd of September.

The latest developments with the Xbox Series X represent a new dawn for gaming consoles. It is setting new standards in processing speed and graphical power. The console features innovative leaps in storage, CPU, and GPU technologies. These capabilities facilitate an incredible and immersive experience.

Xbox Series X  Unmatched Raw power 

Xbox Series X comes with a superior balance of both speed and power. The processor relies on the latest AMD's, the RDNA 2, and Zen 2 architectures. It's processing power is four times that of Xbox One. This allows developers to optimize the 12TFLOPS of Graphics Processing Unit performance. 

The Series X comes with a DirectX Raytracing for hardware acceleration. This technology provides realistic acoustics and accurate reflections. The end result is an unmatched gaming experience.

This new series comes with the next generation SSD. This provides an improved and dynamic gaming experience. The quick resume feature allows users to continue playing multiple games from a suspended state. As such, you don't have to wait long for the screens to load. The Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) feature synchronizes input with the display. This creates a responsive and precise experience. The HDMI 2.1 Innovation feature minimizes lag and enhances the display's refresh rate.

Bigger and Better

According to some photos that surfaced online, the Xbox Series X appears to be very huge. The photos were unveiled by GameSpot after it received a dummy unit from Microsoft. As such, you might have to create room in your gaming center. This console has a taller front face and it's bigger than all the other consoles. Its dimensions are 15.1cm x 15.1cm x 30.1cm. 

It's important to have an idea of how much space you'll need for this new console. However, the Xbox Series X is bigger than the Xbox Series S. From some of the pictures it seems that the Xbox Series S is almost the size of PS4 Pro. However, the Series S is smaller compared to Series X. The Series X is also thicker and comes with a top grille for ventilation purposes.

Phil Spencer who is the Xbox boss made a podcast on IGN. During the podcast, Phil shared his excitement regarding the console's performance and price. In the podcast with IGN, Phil Spencer said, "I feel good about the price and the performance capabilities that we have for Series X. I feel incredibly strong about the overall package." Although the retail price for the Xbox Series X is still unknown, the console could sell at $500. This approximate price is based on previous consoles and the current state of the gaming industry. 


The Xbox Series X represents a generational leap in processing power and visual fidelity. The console has a variety of updated components that are unmatched. This combination of short loading screen times, fast startup, and solid storage are impressive. As such, you definitely want to keep an eye on the pre-order date. However, we'll keep you updated in-case something comes up. 

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