Samsung Galaxy F might be the South Korean Giant's First Camera-First Phone

Samsung Galaxy F might be the South Korean Giant's First Camera-First Phone
Samsung Galaxy F might be the South Korean Giant's First Camera-First Phone Photo : Ravi Sharma

The Samsung Galaxy F is currently rumored to be launching in India any time soon. With a price range of around $272, it could go head to head, not primarily with other brands, but with Samsung's own Galaxy M series. Knowing how Samsung loves to innovate even with concept phones like the Galaxy Fold, we're quite unsure why it decided to launch another mid-range lineup despite already having one or two.

Nowadays, most smartphone manufacturers focus on three consumer segments. We have the top-tier or flagship models. This is where most, if not all, bells and whistles can be found. Then at the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the entry-level offerings. These smartphones often have basic features like an unsatisfying screen and mediocre cameras. Lastly, sitting between these two is the sweet spot of mobile devices, not too expensive and not lacking too much of desirable features. The Samsung Galaxy F fits snuggly in the mid-range category, with its focus primarily on having the best cameras.

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Why introduce the Samsung Galaxy F if the Samsung Galaxy M is already very capable?

Here's a simple analogy. Desktop computers are all-around devices. You can game on them. You can also do some productivity tasks and watch your favorite cat videos. However, if you need your computer to perform at a specialized task excelently, say, like being a gaming PC, you need to cough up more money. For those who don't have the patience and budget to do this, some of them go the alternate route. They buy a gaming console like the PlayStation 4 or the upcoming Playstation 5.

The Galaxy F and Galaxy M have the same predicament. They obviously can't compete with higher models like the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S Series. However, they will always have one or two features where they will perform and function excellently. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy F, it could include larger camera sensors, image stabilization, and lenses that are more than capable for the job.

The Galaxy M31 has a similar price range. It already has a 64MP primary camera sensor partnered with three other rear cameras. The phone also has a 6.5-inch screen and comes with a huge 6,000mAh battery.

At this stage, it's still everyone's guess what new or specialized features the Samsung Galaxy F will bring to the table.

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Other brands and their offerings

Outside the realm of Samsung's products in the mid-range category, other serious competitors to consider are Poco and Realme with their X2 and 6 Pro handsets, respectively. At just under Rs 20,000, they already come with a camera array of four shooters with the main sensor being 64MP.

There's no official news yet, but it's likely that the Samsung Galaxy F might become available a month from now.

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