Chinese Man in Trouble for Using a VPN to Visit International Adult Entertainment Sites

Chinese man in trouble for using a VPN to visit international adult entertainment sites
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Even relative to other ideologies, communism is one jealous mistress who already forbids you from seeing foreign websites, certain memes, some movie scenes, select video games, other political options, and reason. Unfortunately, things are now reportedly taking a turn for the worse, as one virtuous man from Hunan recently discovered after receiving a fine for frequenting - foreign adult entertainment websites through a VPN.

The orange imperialist coalition appears to have corrupted this comrade's mind to such a degree that he went through the trouble of finding and purchasing a legitimate VPN service (meaning: one that doesn't let Beijing hook into its brain, Matrix-style, whenever it wants to) which had to be bought in person like it's a CCP official. 

He then regularly committed the sinful act of generating ad revenue for likely American websites until Mao's ever-watchful eye finally caught the delinquent, then immediately wished it didn't.

Does the human mind know no limit to deviancy? Or was the comrade brainwashed by the iPhone?

The worst part of this heinous transgression? The man is an iPhone user. Well, he probably won't be able to afford any more sinful American toys seeing how the last such known case in the country resulted in a fine equating to $76,000, as well as five and a half years in prison.

Then again, even local media reports acknowledge not all adult entertainment aficionados are equal in the eyes of the law, so it remains to be seen how exactly this situation plays out.

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