Xiaomi's Rumored 108MP Camera Phone Might Surprisingly be the Company's Cheapest Smartphone

Xiaomi's Rumored 108MP Camera Phone Might Surprisingly be the Company's Cheapest Smartphone
Xiaomi's Rumored 108MP Camera Phone Might Surprisingly be the Company's Cheapest Smartphone Photo : Zana Latif

Xiaomi's rumored 108MP camera phone was first reported last July. Back then, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer was known to have been really busy working on two of its soon-to-be-launched handsets. The first one has a 64MP main rear camera. The other one has, wait for it, a whopping 108MP shooter. They were accordingly given the codenames "Gauguin" and "Gauguin Pro", respectively.

According to the popular leakster, Digital Chat Station, the rumored 108MP camera phone could be Xiaomi's cheapest phone so far. Additionally, the Weibo platform leakster mentioned that a Xiaomi phone with the model number M2007J17C has been given network access permission. This further confirms, if proven true, that we're about to see high-end specs typically reserved for flagship models, on phones at almost half the price of top-of-the-line models.

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Xiaomi's rumored 108MP camera phone's possible specs

The "Gauguin" and "Gauguin Pro" would more than likely have a rear quad-camera array. This seems to be the trend (and we're actually happy about this) for smartphones being launched this year. The "Gauguin" could be the one to have a 64MP quad-camera setup. The "Gauguin Pro" might obviously be the one to sport a 108MP main rear shooter partnered with three other cameras. But don't rejoice just yet. Digital Chat Station further added that these camera specs might not be the same for Chinese and Global versions of the units.

Both phones are expected to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon System-on-a-Chip (SoC) instead of using MediaTek's Dimesnity series.

Currently, Xiaomi has four phones that are currently out in the market with a 108MP primary camera. These are the Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Mi Note 10 Pro, and Mi Alpha. Out of the four, only Mi 10 is being sold in India. Mi 10, too, is the cheapest phone in the market with a 108MP camera.

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We're still waiting for the other specs of Xiaomi's rumored 108MP camera phone to be revealed. At this stage, we do know that it might come with a 144Hz display. This is an achievement since smartphones with screens with high refresh rates are quite rare. The phone might also logically have a Snapdragon 865 Plus since this chipset has just recently been announced. Xiaomi's latest phone might also have a 5,000mAh battery and a possible side-mounted fingerprint scanner though we're not really that sure about the latter.

Everyone seems to be a bit hush-hush about these but we'll surely update you once we get hold of credible information.

The same Weibo Leakster also suggested that Xiaomi's rumored 108MP camera phone might have a retail price of €699 in Europe. That's about $830, £640, or AU$1,130. This pricing would make the phone a little bit cheaper than a Mi 10 model.

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